Hobby: Making Kameleon Charm Accessories

Me and my friends are into arts and crafts. We have been through hobbies together and have spent considerable amount of money pursuing them. One of the hobbies that have stayed with us through the years is scrapbooking. Photography or taking tons of pictures is also one of our hobbies. These two go hand in hand together actually.

However, we are into making charm bracelets and accessories lately. We got into the hobby by accident, as we were just thinking of a great gifts to give away in one of the parties we were hosting last Christmas season. We found that we can have a jewelry-and-beads-themed party where everyone can make their own Chamilia charm bracelet or Bauble Lulu bead bracelet. Charm bracelets are renowned for their ease of use, versatility, cost effectiveness and various other features across the globe by men and women of all ages, sexes, groups or ethnic and other orientations.

The Kameleon accessories were the biggest hit though, maybe because they had the potential to create so many looks in one bracelet because you can interchange them. No one bracelet is alike! It isn’t surprising as the motto of Kameleon Jewelry, is“Change is Natural,”. Their line encourages the expression of individuality.

Birthday Party Decorations for Adults

Now that Christmas is just a few days away, the Christmas party season is in full swing. There are numerous Christmas parties happening left and right; it is not surprising that party decorations and supplies are in high demand.
A friend will be celebrating her birthday in a few days and every year, she would often find herself competing with other Christmas parties. Thus, it has been her habit to make her birthday parties unique and different. She is asking for my help this year and unfortunately, we have not decided on any particular theme. We hope to buy party stuff like birthday party decorations this weekend so we have been researching for ideas for decorations that will be appropriate for adults. Below are just some of the things we have researched.

• Candles and lights. One option we are considering is having the party devoid of all decorations except for lots of candles and mood lights.

• Chocolates. Since my friend loves chocolates, she also suggested a chocolate party where everything will have chocolates in them, including the decorations.

• Winter. Since we do not have winter here, it is a great opportunity for everyone to experience this season by having a winter-themed party. We are going gaga just thinking about decorating the venue.

Going Martha Stewart on Flowers

I would love to receive candies or chocolates during special days. I am just being honest here, who could resist these goodies?

image image

Lately, strawberries dipped in chocolate together with wine are a staple in our weekend night desserts.

But since I am trying to be healthy and lose weight, the husband has been giving flowers during special occasions, like my birthday and Valentine’s Day last month. Since he knows how much I idolize the craftiness of Martha Stewart (I went crazy with her wedding detail ideas during our own wedding – I wanted to copy each and every one!), he just picks Martha Stewart arrangements for me. Now, that is a sweet thing to do, remembering my preferences!

This is a Martha Stewart Happiness Bouquet, and it seems yellow is my favorite color of the moment. I am done with pinks and greens.


This one is a Pure Bliss Bouquet, which is a great accent in corners at home. I love the deep, rich shades.


This one is perfect for Easter, the Fresh Scent Bouquet!


The arrangements and vases are worth the purchase already! If I had such creativity, I would want to have flower arrangements at home all the time.


I am not talking about the spoilers on TV but  the ones that bring style and speed to the car. A friend has been revamping his Honda City car and he has been looking at possible spoilers he would want to buy. It is actually the most popular among accessories chosen for a car. CARiD.com has top-quality spoilers made of fiberglass or ABS plastic for durability and a precise OEM fit with any car model. They also can match your car’s color with their computerized color-coding system! In fact they are known all over the car industry to have sharpest and most defining factory spoilers, custom spoilers, lip spoilers, and rear roof wings around. My friend swears by them!

House MD

I have been such a bad correspondent in my main blog, haven’t I? I know this has been such a lame excuse but I have been extremely busy. If you know what I do for work, you would understand that it is something I need to be aggressive and be on my toes all the time. We have some big goals this year and now is not the time to rest on our laurels, among other things. The free time I have I have been spending catching up with a first love: reading, scrapping, or living vicariously though seasons of House. The husband and I are addicted to the show. Since I have a kid who thinks she owns the DVD player I can only watch when she is asleep so whenever the husband is at home, we literally stay up all night watching as many episodes as I can.

It makes me want to buy some suits at Scrubs and Beyond – they currently have a sale on koi scrubs. You can choose from koi uniforms or stylish surgical scrubs and even go wild with stripes with veterinary scrubs. You can even just buy the koi scrub pants. Medical personnel have never looked this good!


Can you imagine a world without labels? How will we able to read road signs, grocery items, know the sizes of clothes, shoes and bags?  Labels range from the simple tags to big folders that come with instructions. They come in nameplates, overlays, tags, vinyl, plastic – name it, labels have been printed on it.

Data Graphics Inc. is an ISO certified company the makes Custom Labels. Lest you think Custom Labels are all for common places and things, think again. Industrial labels need to be quality-tested. They need to be a Custom Label – complete with the manufacturer’s logo, warning sign and other important information it needs to have. Labels like these come in large rolls, multiple sheets, individual pieces, multiple label sets and kits, pressure sensitive adhesive or mounting holes for windows and difficult surfaces. Available finishes include transparent, brushed, metalized, reflective, tamperproof, fluorescent or phosphorescent.

Getting Connected.

I think amongst friends I am the only one who has a very basic phone. My mobile phone does not have 3G access and polyphonic tunes, not even space for  extra storage cards. Remember when the coolest thing you can have in your phone is streaming radio on your cell phone ? Due the release of more advanced phones like the Blackberry, iPhone and N97 which allow users to connect to the web faster and take pictures and serve as a personal assistant, that feature has long been not appreciated (due also in part to the advent of iPods).

But all that is bound to change with the advent of Mobitv! With Mobi Radio, you can put 50 channels of ad-free music, talk, news and more in your phone – all those for only $8.99 a month! I honestly would prefer radio over mp3 songs because I do like hearing the voice of a DJ every now and then, especially if the DJ is a cool one. Plus hearing breaking news every now and then is also important.

Great Packaging comes with Great Advertising.

One week before the Starbucks Spark of Hope Yearly Planner ended, I was able to get mine. This is my second planner (my first I got way back 2005 – yes I completed the card when I was 5 months pregnant!).

I love the planner because it has space (lots of it) to write on and a lot of things I can write on to. I am eyeing their Venti glass (a replica of their plastic frap cups) and their Valentine’s mug for my workstation too. Whoever is thinking of Starbucks’ promos are doing such a convincing job! I hope they can think of nice canvas promotional bags (the logo will rock) next!