Five for Wednesday

button by you.

1. How many servings of fruit do you have on average most days?
Not that often. I do need to incorporate more into our diet. I usually have fruits as dessert whenever I am in the sound room doing some editing with the great Metronomes at musician’s friend.

2. How often do you use toothpicks?
Rarely. I floss though.

3. How many servings of vegetables do you have on average most days?
We have veggies even if it’s just potatoes everyday.

4. Raw or pasteurized? What is your choice?

5. Are energy drinks (like Red Bull) less, more, or as effective as coffee?
I prefer coffee.

5 for Wednesday

button by you.

1. Do you like garlic in food?
Oh yes, my dad always said that a food’s flavor is really on the garlic or how you make siga :D

2. Do you have any favorite food brands you always look for?
I love Chips Ahoy :D

3. What food or foods seem to give your gas the worst?
Ack, none.

4. Would you like for menu items at restaurants to list calorie counts?
NO! I wont enjoy food that way.

5. If you were lost in the woods of your area, what plants would you know to use as food?
I dont even know how to cook, I would die! WAAAH!

Five for Wednesday

1. What kinds of pizza do you like?
Loads of cheese! I seem to like those from Shakey’s, Yellow Cab and California Pizza Kitchen best. I love Italian food a lot – that is why the most effective diet pills don’t work on me at all.

2. How do you shop in a grocery store?
I go aisle to aisle, from the entrance.

3. What is the most unusual combination of items you put between two slices of bread and called a sandwich?
Hmmmm….condensed milk!

4. Do you have a favorite simple recipe that has five or less ingredients? Share!
Korean Beef Stew

5. Do you buy water in plastic bottles?
If it’s branded :)

Five For Wednesday

button by you.

1. When eating breakfast-what’s your breakfast meat of choice?
Hotdogs and eggs or tocino and eggs or tapa and eggs :) Actually I’m not really choosy when it comes to food, I can eat just about anything – that’s why I need appetite suppressants for me to lose weight! I’m unstoppable! Haha!

2. If you were lost in the woods of your area, what plants would you know to use as food?
Oh my, that would be very hard! I can’t even tell which ones would be edible.

3. Are there any foods you like by themselves, but do not like when combined?
Ampalaya I want to eat by itself when its combined with other veggies, for example, to make pakbet, I dont like it anymore.

4. Have you ever had to take back or throw away a food or drink that had been recalled?
Yes, a milk from China!

5. Who taught you how to cook?
My Dad, would you believe? :)