Take Care Of Your Heart! Know Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary artery disease is among the most lethal illnesses today. It has affected millions of people all around the world. This disease takes place resulting from the accumulation of plaque in the arterial wall. It will result for the flow of the blood in the system will be impaired, which makes way for the danger of heart attack and stroke to grow. The condition by which the plaque is developed in the arteries is called atherosclerosis. It makes way to the obstruction of the arterial walls. It also makes way for the flow of the blood to the heart to become restricted. That being said, the heart will not receive sufficient supply of oxygen and all the essential nutrients to pump blood appropriately.

How Does This Heart Condition Develop Over The Course Of Time?

Starting from a young age, the plaque will start to develop in the blood vessel walls However, at this rate, it is not harmful yet. As an individual gets older, the plaque deposit will likewise buildup, which will make way for the blood vessel walls to get swollen. It raises the threats of having blood clots, alongside the deadly heart attack. As a normal reaction, these plaques will excrete chemicals recognized to heal the inflammation, but at the same time, it makes the linings of the blood vessels sticky.

There are instances the inflamed coronary arteries will create fresh blood vessels to facilitate the flow of the blood going into the heart. Nevertheless, if a person will get stressed, these new channels of arteries might not bring a sufficient amount of oxygenated blood to the heart muscles. There are instances by which the blood clot will completely block the supply of the blood going to the muscles of the heart. When this takes place, a person may experience a heart attack. In particular, if the blood vessel going to the brain is obstructed, an ischemic stroke will take place.

What You Should Know About The Major Indications Of The Coronary Heart Disease?

There are heaps of symptoms that may arise from coronary heart disease. The most recognized symptom is known as angina. Basically, it is the pain felt in the chest. Angina is often described as a heavy pressure felt in the chest. It is accompanied by a burning sensation along with fullness and numbness. Normally, angina takes place in the chest, but there are cases that it can likewise be experienced in the left shoulder, the jaw and the neck. There are other symptoms of coronary heart disease such as breath shortness, sweating, palpitations, body malaise (weakness) and dizziness.

Ways To Diagnose Coronary Heart Disease And Prevent It From Worsening

It is always a must to see your doctor if you have a coronary heart disease.Talk about your past medical history and your symptoms related to his disease. Also, the risk factors that are involved should be known by the physician. In return, the doctor will order a battery of tests and exams to establish the correct intervention for the condition. Doctors will perform a physical examination. Also, there are diagnostic tests that include ECG (electrocardiogram), cardiac catheterization, CT scans and others. Remember that these tests will help the physician to know the overall extent of the condition and the best treatment possible for this particular health problem.

How Can I Reduce The Risks Of The Coronary Artery Disease?

Like any other diseases, coronary heart disease can be managed. However, it involved the person suffering from it. He should start modifying his lifestyle to be free from the threats posed by the condition, or at least control the symptoms. Also, surgeries will also be required if the condition has become extensive. It is important to go to a specialist with regards to this particular health problem. Particularly, cardiologists are the ones who can provide the answers to the best treatment regards to coronary heart disease.

The first and the easiest way to reduce the risks is to modify lifestyle. For people who are smoking and drinking, quit the habit. Also avoid too much consumption of fast-foods and processed foods. Exercise is another way to have a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to exercise on a regular basis. Nevertheless, before taking any particular exercise regimen, it is a must to seek consultation from the doctor first. Furthermore, medications can also help keep the symptoms at bay.

If it is not enough to keep coronary heart disease at bay using the lifestyle modifications, taking the particular drugs related to the condition must be considered. These drugs will be prescribed by the cardiologist because each person with coronary heart disease has different ways to cope up with it. Finally, when all else fails, surgery is the most viable option. Among the most popular surgical interventions to get rid of coronary heart disease is balloon angioplasty,                   coronary artery bypass surgery and stent placement.

Wise Thing To Do In Case Of A Coronary Emergency

If you have a CAD or coronary heart disease, you must familiarize yourself with how you can treat it. There are times that you might suffer from its harmful effects. You never know how a heart attack will strike, which could be fatal to you, especially if you are alone. Also, if you start to exhibit new symptoms of the disease, you have to call the physician right away. It is always important to be safe at all times even if you have a coronary heart disease. Always have someone near you if you suffer from the episodes of coronary heart disease. This helps you to be safe just in case anything bad happens.