Shrimps & Prawns: The Kids’ Favorite

If there is one thing that my kids love to eat other than fried chicken and steak, it would be shrimps. Technically, they love prawns, because they love to eat what they call the “big shrimps”.

Prawns 3s-500x500

During the holidays, they were treated to a seafood fest of tiger prawns via a seafood delivery made to my mom’s house a few days before Christmas. It came as a gift since my mom is now a pesco-vegetarian after battling with cancer a few months ago. She was gifted with a variety of seafoods including her favorite, scallops!

She had the prawns cooked in different ways, kebab style and one fried with butter (my preference and favorite!). Suffice to say, even the pot roast was snobbed on Christmas Eve because of the prawns.

According to, here is the way to pan-fry unshelled raw prawns or shrimp:

Rinse the prawns or shrimp under a cold running water and then pat dry with a paper towel.
Melt some butter together with some olive oil in a large frying pan over a high heat.
Add the prawns with a few cloves of chopped garlic. Season with salt and black pepper to taste.
Fry the prawns, stirring frequently, for 3 – 5 minutes or longer for larger prawns, or until the shells have turned pink.
Remove from the heat and serve immediately.

Investing on Custom Wine Labels for Giveaways during Parties and Weddings

Custom Wine Labels from

Giving away bottles of wine during the holiday season and even during weddings is a great idea. You can give this to your boss or if you are the boss, you can give it to your clients and employees. It will make a great giveaway idea for a wedding too. You can have custom wine labels made with your logo. Wine Label Designs can be ordered online – you can do it yourself and have it printed or have one customized especially for you!

A wine label consists of information such as the variety of grapes used in making the wine, the alcohol content, whether or not the wine contains sulfites etc. All these things are important from a consumer’s point of view, but they are also legally important.

Custom Wine Labels by Maverick Label has a great and user-friendly interface which you can use to order your wine labels. They have tips for you to read over, prompts each step of the creation process and templates for you to use!

They have standard wine label sizes which include 25+ choices for face and back of label locations. In addition to white face materials, they also offer over-foil wine labels and clear wine label materials.

Check out their printing features:

    Instant Online Pricing and Ordering
    25+ Standard Sizes
    Custom Sizes & Shapes
    Traditional Materials & See-Through or Foils
    Face and Back Label Options
    Low 250 Minimum Quantity
    Custom Printed Wine Bottle Labels In Just 5 to 10 Days
    Free proof with each order

It sure is a great way to give thoughtful gifts of appreciation throughout the year but most especially during the holidays.

Snow Cone Machines: A Great Party Concession

Parties are a great way to celebrate birthdays, reunions, get-togethers and holidays or special events. These days there are a lot of features you can add to a party to make it more festive and enjoyable for your guests. One of these is by adding concession stands like an ice cream cart or snow cone machine or a dessert buffet station so your guests can eat something while watching games and programs or while mingling around with fellow guests.

You can even invest in a snow cone machine for your family! Both young and old will surely enjoy a refreshing snow cone every now and then, at an amazingly cheap price too!

There are a lot of machines available for purchase online. All you need to do is visit the site and browse around. Ask for feedback too about great models – those which are easy to clean, low maintenance, have repair parts available and are covered by warranty. There are also machines that come with a removable tray and have an internal light or a door. Good snow cone machines usually have a 1/3 HP motor and can produce up to 500 lbs of shaved ice in one hour.

When purchasing a snow cone machine, it is advisable to decide first if it’s going to be for personal or business use. Machines usually differ in size and amount of shaved ice produced so that is a deciding factor.

Now that you have decided on a snow cone machine, the next step would be to purchase the supplies to be able to produce those yummy snow cones.

Some materials you need are the following; these can also be purchased as a package:

• Gallons of Syrup (You choose the flavors: Your choice of flavors: Tigers Blood, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Wild Cherry, Grape, Orange, Watermelon, Lemon-Lime, Red Raspberry, Bubblegum, Green Apple, Root Beer, Pina Colada, and Cotton Candy.)
• Snow cone pumps
• Snow cone cups
• Steel snow cone cup holder
• Colorful spoon straws (200ct)
• Plastic scoop

Once you have everything, you are now ready to enjoy snow cones in the comfort of your own home or offer it for parties and make it into a business!

Foods with Aspartame to Avoid

Aspartame is an artificial sugar substitute used in a variety of foods to reduce calorie content. While aspartame is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, controversy still exists regarding its safety. Mercola reports that aspartame consumption can lead to cancer, birth defects, diabetes and seizures. Cutting back may protect your health now and in the future. NutraSweet is one name brand for aspartame.

In fact, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a lifelong use of aspartame can lead to the development of cancer,

1. Yogurt
2. Desserts
3. Diet soda
4. Sugar-free gum

French Cafe

A friend who recently went on a European trip fell in love with the provinces of France and became quite obsessed with French furniture. She tells me that there is nothing quite like it, it has elegance but a homey feel to it. She was building her home then and without a doubt, her home is very shabby French chic.

She has a lot of furniture acquired and instead of selling it, she plans to put it in her soon to be opened cafe, French-inspired too, of course. The paintings and little knick-knacks she had acquired would be a perfect fit too.

Custom Label Printing

Not only do we need labels, we are attracted to them. It is the very first thing aside from packaging that potential consumers pick up when buying items. Labels play a very crucial role in attracting consumers. Custom Labels can be made in varied shapes, sizes and designs displaying descriptions, information and content of the product. So does labels for school, home, and the workplace. Labels can take the form of IDs, membership cards, luggage tags and more. Custom Printing can get quite expensive. Many printing companies offer the option for you to have our own label and then they can have it printed for you. Different types of paper can be used: glossy, matte, plain, full-colored. Be it food & packaging, travel-related (brochures), educational (school-related) or home-related, custom labels can be used. You can have everything custom-made and printed at Plastic Card Printing can be made through their site and you can have proof sent by mail in the form of a PDF file or by snail mail in the form of a hard copy of the custom order you want done. Label Printing can also be done through and as such, the possibilities are endless! From nameplates, address labels, food labels, parking tickets, warning labels and product labels – you can have it done on time and easily through!

My Second Apple.

It seems I might be getting an iPhone soon. While I find it a very cool, multi-tasking efficient gadget, it was never on my list of priorities. I just cannot bear the thought of parting with that much money so that I can do everything “at the palm of my hand”. But luck (and very good friend) was on my side when I was offered one at such a steal of a price that I cannot just say no, even if I didn’t have any budget. So surprise, by the end of next week, I’m going to have an iPhone!

I really do not know which iphone accessories I should need but a friend who has the gadget lamented how the battery has a very short shelf life, so I guess I would need an extra charger or car charger in my bag at all times. I am actually very excited about the apps I can install on it, primarily the eBooks/Kindle app so I can finally catch up on reading (at a cheaper price). Another friend advised me to install the WW (Weight Watcher’s) and Calorie Counting app because I am on a quest to monitor my intake of food.

Another friend will be giving me an iphone case in my favorite shade (pink!) too. Don’t you just agree that I have the nicest friends? I need a sturdy case for my kids, I am sure they will be busy playing games with it in no time too.

I see an iphone dock as something that I can use too. Friends who have iPhones have it and it serves as their clock, alarm when needed and music speaker all in one. I might just buy things one at a time, but having an iPhone is really making me excited :)