I am Maurice and I find pleasure in gastronomical delights that are a feast in the eyes and taste like heaven in the mouth. Join me as I write about what I eat, want to eat and try to cook. I am on a perpetual non-effective diet all the time.

  1. I love chocolate.
  2. I can live on drinking mango shakes all day.
  3. I eat Tomato Ketchup with everything.
  4. Gooey Milo bits are a great snack.
  5. Coffee is in my blood.
  6. Starbucks needs to be in every school.
  7. There should be a medicine that allows you to eat all you want and poop it after.(MORE TO COME)

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  1. Hi Maurice,

    Your articles are very well written and highly informative. Best of all, they are entertaining. The site is well constructed and the overall quality of your lay out and authorship is incredible.

    I have a few articles that I’m working on right now and would love to contribute them.

    Would you be interested?

    Thank you,


  2. Hi Maurice!

    I love your site http://cafephilomaurice.com/ and think it may be a fit for my marketing campaign. I was wondering whether you accept sponsored posts?

    If you do, I can give you great content. I just need to know how much you charge for a one very relevant, do-follow, in-copy text link in to a non-spammy website?

    If your rates meet my budget, I will get back with relevant stories.

    Thanks for your time,

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