How to Secure a Job in Healthcare Administration

The healthcare industry is not limited to medical professionals such as doctors and nurses. Have you ever imagined how a hospital would run efficiently without the help of individuals who perform administrative duties and clerical tasks? Clearly it would take more than a team of highly qualified surgeons and doctors before you could determine the quality of service in a healthcare facility.

Where Education Can Take You
With proper training and education, you’ll find a range of healthcare administration jobs to choose from. It all depends on the individual’s expertise and field of specialization. Most people who are already working in hospitals and medical facilities often seek higher learning because it presents more opportunity to try out different careers and earn more money. So what does it take to secure a stable job in this field?

Proper education is the primary tool towards success in any field endeavor. The demands for healthcare administrators continue to increase and it is expected to be one of the most sought after careers in the next ten years. High school graduates who are thinking of going to college in order to find a secure job in the future could consider taking a course in healthcare management. Individuals, that are already working and thinking of making a career switch or an opportunity for advancement, can also enroll on a master’s degree program. Attending classes is the best way to gain knowledge about the theories and terms used in the health industry.  While it could be grueling at times to study and get school work completed on time, think of the rewards that would come in the future once you have graduated.

Gain Experience Through Training
Training and exposure are also some tools that can help you secure a good job. Most colleges and universities provide their students with hands-on training and activities where they can apply their skills they have learned. These training programs are a good way to understand the dynamics in an actual working environment. This will allow students to think and resolve various issues often experienced during normal day-to-day operations of a hospital.

Individuals enrolled on a master’s degree program will find seminars and practicum classes to be a good training ground that will prepare them.  It takes more than just knowledge in order to be a successful healthcare administrator. Managers of hospitals and health facilities are also required to possess skills in finance, business and human resource and management. Enrolling in a graduate program will allow you to learn such skills.

From entry to mid and senior level positions, the requirements in order to secure a good job lay in the type of education and training that one possess.


About the Author: This guest article was contributed by Marie Sullivan a writer who aims to share information about healthcare management degree online.


Culinary Wiz Puts Up a Restaurant

I am so proud of my friend! She has opened up her restaurant a few months ago and now is bound to study some more, in the line of business management to help her expand her business better. She now is looking for online universities she can enroll to, since she cannot leave her newly-opened restaurant for long days at a time. Some online universities have greaten great feedback on business management courses and she is just deciding where to enroll and has limited her choices to three.

How to Choose a Cosmetology School

If you have the gift of knowing how to beautify women through hair and make-up, why don’t you do it professionally? You can enroll in Regency Beauty Institute and from there you can pretty much do anything! It will be such an opportunity!

1. It is important that the educational establishment has received the correct accreditation. An organization such as the National Accrediting Commission for Cosmetology Art and Sciences should have approved the training program that is given. This is important as it proves that the facility offers a professional service in terms of the education, facilities, and the overall quality of the teaching staff.

2. The length of the training program can be as short as a few months or as long as a couple of years. Which would best suit you would in part depend upon your current commitments and lifestyle, perhaps you can only spare enough hours to study part-time, or maybe you would like to fast track the training so that you can start a career sooner.

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Food Retail and Health Care Reform

Health care is a struggle for most companies, but even more so for the food retail business that relies on employees to provide service to their customers. New rules scheduled to go into effect in 2014 are going to dramatically impact many food businesses, forcing some to look for small loan options to cover the increasing costs. Restaurant owners are convinced that the changes in health care reform may end up meaning a 30 percent increase in health care costs from opinions evaluated at restaurant conferences around the country. With the federal government demanding that businesses provide health care to a larger number of their workforce, businesses are scrambling to come up with a plan.

Opting Out

The government’s goal is to include more people in health care plans, and in order to enforce compliance have required businesses who don’t provide insurance to pay a $2,000 penalty for each uninsured worker. Many restaurant owners are looking at the penalty imposed and deciding that they may end up just paying it and foregoing the health care plans in 2014 as a way to manage health care costs. With uncertainty high on further business regulations and upcoming taxes, businesses, especially restaurant owners, are going to be conservative about their choices and try to limit their liabilities as much as possible by opting out and voluntarily paying the penalty.

Bad News for Workers

Obviously, this defeats the purpose of putting health care reform into action. It seems the incentives to provide a 50 percent tax credit for premiums that companies will be forced to pay is not enough to offset the liability of being forced to offer health care to all their workers. Another possibility that some  experts predict may happen is that business owners simply choose to reduce their workforce rather than pay benefits or a penalty. For restaurant owners who rely heavily on their workforce, this is probably not a good option, but for other businesses it could lead to more layoffs and a rise in unemployment.

The Search for Physical Therapy Jobs

A neighbor’s son just recently graduated from a big university. He was able to finish his degree in physical therapy and is now looking at possible physical therapy jobs that he could apply to. Although he is also searching for jobs locally, what he actually wants is a job abroad where pay is bigger.

The other day, he was telling me about seeing a lot of occupational therapy jobs in one website that he visited and that he applied for one of the physical therapist assistant jobs. However, he knows that it will be difficult for him to land one especially since he does not have any work experience yet except for his internship at a local hospital. So he is narrowing his job search to local hospital and rehabilitation centers. He hopes to get a few years experience and then finally try his luck with the same jobs abroad.

According to him, many of his classmates also have the same plan. Despite their eagerness and persistence to find jobs abroad, many hospitals and rehabilitation centers are not willing to take an inexperienced newly grad. Hence, they are all settling for local jobs and they jokingly made bets on who will be the first one to finally get an overseas job. I hope that person is our neighbor’s son.

Another Reason to Love Military People



There’s a bit of military life that many civilians don’t know. As it happens, those serving our country are some of the biggest users of online education in the U.S. They have good reason for it, too. There are several online military degrees to choose from. At you can learn about on-campus and online college credit and degree programs tailored to U.S. Military personnel and their families. Education benefits earned from being in the military can be used for tuition, and some schools even offer discounts for active duty and veterans.

In fact, there’s an interesting new trend emerging out of all this. Former soldiers who are attending campus-based or online colleges ease their transition by pursuing a degree that the military would find highly desirable. Then they apply to a continued military career as often as not with a better position, rank and pay. For example, individuals who choose to major in management may increase their chances of success if they decide to re-enlist, and may subsequently be able to gain promotions quickly.

Rent Books to Your Heart’s Content

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Peter found a perfect Book rental partner in He is only paying at least $10 per month and yet he still gets to read old and new titles during his free time. His bookshelf is currently composed of books he ordered from the site, which were shipped to him for free (and he will ship them back for free also). And Peter need not worry about due dates because borrowers are never charged for late fees. One time, he got the titles wrong and the customer service agent he talked to was very accommodating. Follow Peter’s lead and your issues will be solved, too.


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