Hobby: Making Kameleon Charm Accessories

Me and my friends are into arts and crafts. We have been through hobbies together and have spent considerable amount of money pursuing them. One of the hobbies that have stayed with us through the years is scrapbooking. Photography or taking tons of pictures is also one of our hobbies. These two go hand in hand together actually.

However, we are into making charm bracelets and accessories lately. We got into the hobby by accident, as we were just thinking of a great gifts to give away in one of the parties we were hosting last Christmas season. We found that we can have a jewelry-and-beads-themed party where everyone can make their own Chamilia charm bracelet or Bauble Lulu bead bracelet. Charm bracelets are renowned for their ease of use, versatility, cost effectiveness and various other features across the globe by men and women of all ages, sexes, groups or ethnic and other orientations.

The Kameleon accessories were the biggest hit though, maybe because they had the potential to create so many looks in one bracelet because you can interchange them. No one bracelet is alike! It isn’t surprising as the motto of Kameleon Jewelry, is“Change is Natural,”. Their line encourages the expression of individuality.


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