House MD

I have been such a bad correspondent in my main blog, haven’t I? I know this has been such a lame excuse but I have been extremely busy. If you know what I do for work, you would understand that it is something I need to be aggressive and be on my toes all the time. We have some big goals this year and now is not the time to rest on our laurels, among other things. The free time I have I have been spending catching up with a first love: reading, scrapping, or living vicariously though seasons of House. The husband and I are addicted to the show. Since I have a kid who thinks she owns the DVD player I can only watch when she is asleep so whenever the husband is at home, we literally stay up all night watching as many episodes as I can.

It makes me want to buy some suits at Scrubs and Beyond – they currently have a sale on koi scrubs. You can choose from koi uniforms or stylish surgical scrubs and even go wild with stripes with veterinary scrubs. You can even just buy the koi scrub pants. Medical personnel have never looked this good!


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