Salad Master

Salad Master

Since when did kitchen equipment rival the price of high-end cars? I was surprised how much a complete cooking equipment could cost. But the investment would be for life, as the salesperson claims. Actually, a friend really vouched for the quality of their stuff so I inquired. Maybe when I get my own house and have my own kitchen. In the meantime, I would just save and invest my money, maybe finally buy gold bullion as recommended, so that I can afford to get one someday. Friends tell me I can buy gold in investing through the United States Gold Bureau. It is home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving your precious metals investment needs and being America’s best dealer with a convenient market and competitive precious metals prices.

My White Kitchen

I still dream of owning my dream white kitchen similar to the one you see below. It may take several years before I can make it come true, but that is fine with me. It might take that long to make me like cooking and being in the kitchen as well.


But who knows? If I had a kitchen as nice as this, I might just make it my second bedroom. I love the chartreuse wall tiles and the kitchen countertop table. I envision my kids heading straight for this table once they arrive from school to tell me about their day while eating some brownies I’ve baked! (I think I will like baking better)


As it is, our kitchen is far from the picture above but I am taking tiny steps to make sure we have complete kitchen equipment. So far, we haven’t really availed of my husband’s available payday loans except for big kitchen equipment like the refrigerator and stove. Our Whirlpool microwave oven was a gift from our wedding (we love it).

I would like to buy a toaster, blender, a good (investment) coffee maker and fine dinnerware soon.

Here is a list of basic equipment you need to buy for your kitchen (for wives like me who don’t know a single thing!:


  • made of high carbon stainless steel
  • 3 or 4" paring knife
  • a serrated knife
  • 8 or 10" chef’s knife

Measuring Cups and Spoons

  • Various sizes, in metal and plastic
  • Get at least two sets of each, so you’re not continually washing them as you cook
  • glass measuring cups with spout, for liquids


  • slotted spoon
  • wooden spoons
  • sturdy metal spoons
  • Soup ladle

Mixing Utensils

  • hand held electric mixer
  • Wire whisks in different sizes
  • eggbeater


  • straight spatulas
  • angled handle spatulas
  • rubber scraper spatulas

Sieves and Colanders

  • nested varying size sieves, in stainless steel (work as flour sifters too)
  • steel or plastic colander

Pots and Pans

  • 1, 2, 4, and 8-quart saucepans with covers
  • 12" skillet with covers
  • 6 or 8" nonstick skillet
  • roasting pan
  • two 9" round cake pans
  • 9" square cake pan
  • 9"x13" baking pan
  • 9"x5" loaf pan
  • 9" pie pan
  • 12 cup muffin tin
  • cooling racks
  • two cookie sheets


  • swivel-bladed vegetable peeler
  • grater with various sized holes
  • rolling pin
  • can opener
  • kitchen timer
  • kitchen shears
  • corkscrew

Pyrex for the Kitchen

I love Pyrex cookware. I practically grew up with it as my Mom used it in the kitchen a lot. Now that I have a family of my own I am starting to collect good items for my kitchen and Pyrex is one of them. I recently bought some during last year’s Black Friday Sale. Along with my Corelle plates I would have nice setting for my table already. Now if only I know how to cook :)

Here are the ones on my wishlist. I don’t think I would be needing to get a payday loan for this, I would just wait for another Black Friday sale.


Pyrexâ„¢ Aluminum Non-Stick 10-pc Cookware Set – $199.99

The durable coating on the PYREX® Non-Stick keeps your savory sauces from clinging to the pan. With a built in spoon rest, a lid handle that doubles as a lid stand, pour spouts for easy liquid straining and interior measure marks for quick measuring, this is a non-stick you’ll stick with.


Pyrex® 6-pc Bake, Serve ’N Store Set $15.99

The PYREX® 6-pc Bake-Serve ‘N Store set with glass and plastic lids may be the most versatile item in your kitchen—and out of it. The glass lid is great for baking, reheating and serving, while the plastic lid is perfect for fridge and freezer storage or taking food on the go. One dish, two lids, and so many uses.

Making the House a Home

We are hell bent in completing our little house by Christmas. We have now decided which ones to buy and we are just waiting for my big bonus before I go home shopping. Aside from the big purchases like a new bed, shelves, workstation and pillows, I need to get some cooking equipment too! I need new knives and some specific gadgets like these:
image image image

Those are a peppermill, garlic twist and egg slicer.

We also need small kitchen appliances like a toaster and a blender. A lighting fixture guide would be needed to to make sure we have ample lighting in the kitchen.

Kitchen Gadgets Shopping

I bought a 16-pc Corningware set a few days ago. I noticed we had few serving dishes and since we already have Corelle dinnerware I thought we need to build up our dining set  so we can eat better. For us, presentation and ambience really helps in eating better (and more) so even in a simple way, I try to do it for my kids.

I’m trying to be better around the kitchen too. I have been cooking everyday and planning menus better. I am proud to say we have zero wastage in food! With a toddler in the house, that’s hard. Add to that a very picky 8-year old and I call that an accomplishment :)

I noticed though there are (so many) things that can make my life in the kitchen easier and it is my goal to make sure that I have them completed by the end of the year.

I need to complete my anolon utensil set:


These consists of  a ladle, a masher, a skimmer, a slotted turner, a spaghetti spoon, a solid spoon and a whisk.

I also want to replace my cookware set with the Infinite circulon series:

image image image image 

From Top (L-R): Infinite Circulon 16cm Non-Stick Milkpan; Infinite Circulon 24cm Non-Stick Saute Pan & Lid; Infinite Circulon 26cm Non-Stick Chef’s Pan; Infinite Circulon Non-Stick Frypan 24cm; Infinite Circulon Non-Stick Saucepan & Lid 16cm

And you know why I love these? They are so easy to clean!! Yes being in the kitchen also means I’m head dishwasher!

There is more but I will share it later.

Kitchen Shopping

I have taken a rest from shopping this month and plan to come back and shop with the vengeance maybe in July. I just need to prioritize some things in the house and the next shopping spree will be for our house, specifically the kitchen.

Here are some things I’m thinking of buying:
1. Another set of Corelle dinnerware
2. Kitchen gadgets
3. Toaster, griller, and rice cooker
4. Flatware – I want sold ones with no design
5. Rice dispenser
6. A utility shelf for our microwave that has drawers so it can serve as our pantry as well