Using a Safe Deodorant: Tori’s (aluminum-free and paraben-free) deodorant for

Here is a scary fact:
Did you know that aluminum and parabens are correlated to the onset of breast cancer and alzheimer’s disease?

Aluminum has been correlated with cancerous cell development in the underarm/breast area as well as contribute to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. People are becoming more and more aware of the hazards of aluminum in everyday items including, one of the most potent, their deodorant. Deodorant is used everyday and the absorption of high levels of aluminum into the skin, 15-25% in current deodorant/antiperspirants, can be extremely hazardous to the body.

What do you need?

Tori's (aluminum-free and paraben-free) deodorant for women that works!

Tori’s (aluminum-free and paraben-free) deodorant for women that works!

Try Tori’s (aluminum-free and paraben-free) deodorant for women that works! It is safe womens deodorant that works and smells great! and right now you can have 1$ off! enter code during checkout. Make sure to like us on facebook!

Since we just have discovered that cancer runs in our family and we have Alzheimer’s in our bloodline too, I have been trying to take small healthy steps to ensure that if ever I cannot prevent it from happening to me, I can prolong it as long as I can.Going organic and avoiding deodorants with aluminum are just one of the few things I can do!

Picnic Essentials

Due to the lovely weather, my family is planning to have a picnic this weekend and right now I am thinking of the materials for packing I’d need – utensils, plates, baskets and cups. It seems the list is endless! I am however very excited for it – let’s pray for sunshine and windy weather! My kids want to run around and play.

Bread Wraps

Bread WrapsThis is what I have been eating for about a week now. I have been trying to live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight but have been unable to give up on carbs just yet. I compensate by moving a lot. I try to get up and do jumping jacks or dance every hour for five to ten minutes,  just to spark my metabolism. My goal is to be able to fit into my clothes before my two kids before I turn 30 10 months from now. If you think about it, if I am just consistent, that would be 10lbs a month – a 100lb loss! (That’s too much though, I might fit into baby clothes already – just kidding :D)

Anyway, back to the bread wraps, the wrap itself is still high in calories, but it leaves me fuller faster. Rice just makes me crave more.

These are the nutritional values for a whole wheat pita bread:

image image

Sanitation is the Key!

Most viruses actually have direct transmission, for example, sneezing and holding hands without washing them. In restaurants, food handlers and staffer have strict instructions to “wash as they go” especially when they are in the bathroom. Most of them even have posters that have instructions on how to wash hands properly. That is why there are automatic hand dryers in their toilets as well as they do not need to touch anything inside the bathroom after they have washed their hands. This is actually a good practice to do at home too.