Spinach and Artichoke Fondue – Cyma


A few friends posted Greek food a few days ago and I remembered eating this very delicious fondue recipe from Cyma last year. It made me crave again. This is a great appetizer.

I have been controlling my eating lately because I notice I eat more when I am stressed. So whether it’s stress about the kids, work or a possible credit card debt settlement (thankfully that won’t happen!), I eat. So when the negative feelings come, I try to stay focused and ward off negative energy through exercise.

• 5oz. of Beer
• 3oz. chopped cooked spinach
• 3oz. chopped artichoke hearts
• 1 demitasse spoon of minced garlic
• 8oz. shredded cheddar cheese
• 5 turns of cracked black pepper
• 3 cups of cubed bread – french/rye/pumpernickel
• 2 cups of vegetables – coliflower/carrots/celery/broccoli

Cooking Steps:
- First heat the beer on high heat until hot, add spinach, artichoke hearts and minced garlic and stir with a fork.
- Slowly add shredder cheddar. Whip continuously with a fork. Continue to add cheese and whip until your cheese is a "warm honey" consistency.
- Add pepper.
- Stir with a fork until the consistency is uniform.
- Turn the heat down to low, place bread and vegetables in to a basket or platter.
- Skewer bread and vegetables and dip into cheese fondue.
- Serves 2 to 4 people.