Popcorn Snack: Why It Can Be Part of A Healthy Diet

The Health Benefits of Eating Popcorn

It maybe hard to believe that the most popular snack choice for moviegoers can be considered as a super food but it is true – popcorn is a healthy snack for people of all ages!

Research shows that popcorn may not only prevent cancer but it can also help those trying to lose weight. It has been long regarded as junk food but with correct preparation and in moderation, pop corn can give more advantages than risks health-wise.

How? Here are some health benefits of eating popcorn:

popcornWhole Grain
Popcorn is a wholegrain food. Wholegrain goods have been proven to reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases. It helps to lower ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol as well.

Full of Fiber
Popcorn contains three times more fiber than sunflower seeds. It also balances blood sugar levels; keeps us fuller for longer periods of time, hence stops us reaching for sweet snacks.

Fiber is an important substance for the body that encourages healthy digestion and regularity of bowel movement. Foods rich in fiber take longer to eat; make you feel full sooner and help you resist eating other diet-busting snacks.

A Healthy Alternative

When it’s not coated in butter, salt or fattening oils, popcorn can be a very healthy replacement for potato chips, salted nuts and other high-calorie snacks that are often full of saturated fat.

Did you know? A 30g serving of popcorn is equivalent to one portion of whole-wheat pasta or a daily 30g portion of brown rice.

Full of Minerals
Popcorn also contains Vitamin B, which is known to boost energy levels.

Has Antioxidants

Popcorn has antioxidant properties known as polyphenols, similar to those found in fruits. These antioxidants remove free radicals in our body. Its iron content, especially the yellow popcorn variety, is particularly interesting because iron deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the entire world. A serving of yellow popcorn has 5% of the RDA for iron, 10% each for magnesium and phosphorus, and only a trace amount of sodium.

Unbuttered popcorn only has about 40 calories per cup.

Popcorn is healthiest in its butter-free, air-popped variety.

Starbucks Five Cheese Turnover

This is my current favorite in the Starbucks’ treat section – the five cheese turnover. It is one of the very few things my husband likes at Starbucks! It’s the five cheese turnover and I discovered it through my sister. We were having one of those sister dates where we discuss what’s happening in our lives, job prospects, my dislike towards nursing uniforms and gossip in general.

Now, whenever the husband and I go out on our regular Starbucks date, we make sure to order this when it is available!