Nike+ Running Playlist

Here’s what I have on my playlist lately. I think I would need to switch this up every few days. I can totally see these artists rocking their mf instruments while singing these.

1. Titanium (David Guetta original mix)
2. Nobody’s Business (Rihanna featuring Christ Brown)
3. Don’t Stop the Music (Pitch Perfect Original Soundtrack)
4. Riff Off (Pitch Perfect Original Soundtrack)
5. Bellas Finals (Pitch Perfect Original Soundtrack)
6. Schoolin, Life (Beyonce Knowles)
7. Whip My Hair (Willow Smith)
8. Tik Tok (Ke$ha)
9. Bye Bye Bye (N’ Sync) — boy bad represent :)
10. It’s Gonna Be Me (N’ Sync)
11. Just Got Paid

Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer for Your Fitness Program

Every year, losing weight or becoming healthy is one of the top resolutions or goals people make. While most unfortunately forget about their goal, stop mid-way or fail, there are others who take this goal to heart and commit to taking steps to change their lifestyles and be healthier.

It is not easy to stop bad habits. Besides deciding for yourself, you need to have the discipline and motivation to continue setting good habits and accomplishing them every day. Having the right people help and motivate you is important. Sometimes having someone to be accountable for is a big push for you to stay committed. This is where personal trainers come in. People often go to the gym without any idea how to develop a fitness program that is tailored to their needs or the goals they want to accomplish. For example, wanting to have a well-chiseled body requires a different workout program than wanting to have a lean one.

Why a Fitness Trainer?

A fitness trainer is an expert who can develop a customized training program for you. Similar to one who is an expert for welding supplies, a fitness trainer is an expert for fitness.

1. He would be able to develop an exercise regimen that fits your specific goals. He would analyze where you stand now in terms of fitness and develops a fitness plan accordingly.

2. He can also teach you the exercises that will work on your problem areas and help you achieve your desired goals.

3. He could also give the tips and strategies for achieving your target. If you have a fitness trainer of your own, then there is no need for you to go to a gym and he will be there to guide you in your fitness training process. However, gyms also have in-house fitness trainers you can hire for some one-on-one time when going for your workout sessions.

Choosing Your Personal Fitness Trainer

When it comes down to choosing a trainer, you need to make sure you pick someone with whom you are comfortable working with and someone you have confidence in. He can help you to achieve your goals. A trainer should motivate and support you, give you constructive feedback, be patient and be continuously working with you to ensure your program is giving the results you desire.

Make sure your trainer has certification. When you choose your personal trainer, you should make sure that they are educated, and have gone through some kind of program and have a certification. It would be nicer if he also knows CPR or has a first aid knowledge and certification.

Check if the trainer has adequate experience, training and education in the field of physical fitness.

Your trainer should be able to give you his undivided attention and be able to prepare a program that will help you get to your goals with more focus on the areas that require great attention.

The trainer you choose should be able to track your development through various assessments. If there is no progress, then he/she would design new exercise programs, which would be beneficial in achieving your goal.

The program he designed should be cost-effective. He would work around in giving you the best results with training.


Weight Loss Rules: Effectively Staying on Track

1. Keep a food journal.
This is a tedious task (I know!) but it will give you clues to which foods you should keep eating and which ones might not be suited for your body.

Here’s what to include in your food journal:

What you eat
What you drink and how much
When you eat
How you felt while eating, and how you felt an hour later (include any changes in how you feel physically and emotionally).
2. Drink a LOT of water.

Good, clean water is the foundation of good health. It flushes toxins, maintains our body temperature, and lubricates and cushions our organs.

3. Plan your meals ahead of time.

4. Watch your portion sizes.

Here is a fast and simple way to look at portions:

oils, fats, butter, cheese, condiments and dressings = size of your thumb
nuts and other healthy snacks = handful
protein, meat, yogurt = size of your palm
whole grain, starchy vegetables, vegetables and fruit = size of your fist
A few years ago, I was trying to lose a few of the extra pounds that had snuck up on me. Once I started to pay attention to portion sizes, something surprising happened: I realized that my body really didn’t need all the food I’d been eating and that I was actually much more comfortable with a little less.

5. Don’t diet.

6. Ditch the negative self-talk and the naysayers.

7. Carve time to de-stress and relax.

Stress is the biggest saboteur of weight loss. When you are under excess stress, your body kicks into emergency mode and releases cortisol, the stress hormone. You body thinks it has to fight or run, but then you do nothing but sit there and stew in your stress. This depletes your adrenals and your energy level as well as hinders proper digestion and your immune system.

8. Sleep at least 7 hours a night.

When you don’t have long enough quality sleep, your body again releases excess cortisol into your bloodstream. This derails all the efforts that you make in the day to eat healthy and lose weight. Plus, since you’re tired, you’re more likely during the day to reach for something sugary or caffeinated.

9. Move yo’ body.

10. Be consistent in all your efforts.

This is the #1 factor that will get you to any goal—small, consistent actions.We tend to treat everyone else better than we treat ourselves and our bodies. The biggest impact you can have on achieving your weight goals is to commit to yourself and be consistent.


Workout Music

I am in a workout music downloading session the past week. I have been downloaded some mean N’ Sync and Backstreet Boys tunes all week, plus some dance tunes I’d rather not name lest they reveal my true age. I also downloaded some Script, Coldplay, Incubus and Maroon 5 discographies. When I want some angry music to keep my heart rate up, I’d rather hear strains of an epiphone les paul special at m123 guitar.

What is your workout music?

Let me leave you with three fitness truths you can do everyday:


Game Plan

This week I realized that there are only 12 weeks left, more or less, before 2013 ends. I want to really lose some mean weight before I welcome in 2014. I had the best high school class rings and I want to wear them again.

Motivation and emotional stability are two of the reasons why I am not getting back into shape after being depressed over what happened to my Dad last month. But I need to do this for myself.

Let’s go.

Exercising to Music

Many studies are being conducted on the benefits of listening to music while exercising. Results have been astonishing. Studies conducted by Ohio State University found that exercising to music increased brain power, brain function and verbal fluency through the positive stimulation of the nervous system. They also determined that when there was no music present, there was no change in verbal ability or brain function. Most sport psychologists have also noted improved performance and adherence rates during training and competition.

Other studies have found an increase of respiration, higher exercise heart rate levels and greater exercise potential. People affected by neuromuscular disorders while listening to faster temp music will also benefit through enhancing gross motor skills like walking and facilitating the rehabilitation process.

In addition, playing slower more relaxing music has proven to reduce stress, relax and aid recovery and meditative techniques.