Outstanding Pinot Noir: The Jensen Wine

Pinot Noir is a variety of red grape used to make wines. Although Pinot Noir has great popularity it is very hard to cultivate and process in wineries. Pinot Noir is harvested around the world with several alias names, such as Blauburgunder in Austria, Burgundac in Yugoslavia, Clevner in Switzerland, Spätburgunder in Germany etc.

Pinot Noir achieves reputation so much that it is harvested in France over two-mile-wide, thirty-mile-long stretch of hills, called the Slope of Gold.

Pinot Noir makes an ever-lasting effect on the wine lovers’ memory. Its flavor is very complex and it is very rich in texture. Sometimes cinnamon, sassafras, or mint is added to make it spicier than any other red wines. It is rich but not heavy or acidic in texture. The alcohol level is high in this wine. It is not tannic. The most attractive quality is the soft, silky taste of pinot Noir. It can be preserved in bottles for five to eight years after vintage.

This is why the Calera Pinot Noir is in demand and popular, especially the Jensen Wine.

Jensen Pinot Noir

2009 Jensen possesses a deep, rich garnet hue. Luscious aromas of cranberry, violets, granite, turmeric and raspberry torte mix with an alluring bouquet of peppery nutmeg and black cherry. This fascinating wine offers flavors of baking spice, ripe strawberries, rhubarb pie, chalky minerality and sweet berry wrapped around a juicy, elegant core of fine grained tannins, then trails off to a long, pleasurable finish.

Since the grapes are very hard to cultivate, it has been a mission for Josh Jensen to find land that will be able to produce such fine grapes. This is how the Calera winery came to be. He was able to find a land in old limekiln in the Gavilan Mountains of California. From there the grapes of Pinoit Noir came to be.

WinesFromItaly.com Review

With the numerous things that can now be found and done on the Internet, it is necessary for every wine connoisseur to know where to go online for high quality Italian wines. There is no need to search high and low for such a site because WinesFromItaly.com is the perfect site to go to.

WinesFromItaly.com offers a wide selection of high quality wines directly imported from the best wineries in Italy such as Chianti, Super Tuscan, Barbaresco, and Barolo, among others. Although their specialty is still Italian wines, you can also find some wines from California, France, New Zealand, and Argentina in their products. Buying wines can be tricky because finding those with high quality requires a lot of know-how and experience. But whether you are a novice wine drinker or consider yourself more of an expert, you are assured of getting only the best wines from WinesFromItaly.com.

The site is simple yet very classy. The images flashed on the home page evoke the richness and pleasures that wines are often associated with. You can easily get a good overview of the wine offerings of the website from the left sidebar where you can choose to browse by wine types or by region. Additional navigation links can also be found below the header making it easier for you to view the site’s offerings by wineries and to view the platinum collection, case samplers, and specials.

You will also appreciate viewing the page for each wine because of the in-depth product details that are included such as information about the vineyard, when the wine was harvested, its harvesting method, how it was made, its ageing potential, suggested food pairings, the type of grapes, and its tastes and characteristics. Even if you are the type who prefer to see, smell, and taste the wine before buying, WinesFromItaly.com provides a close enough experience that will make you want to buy a bottle or two.

Types of Red Wine For Different Meat Varieties

My family is a carnivorous brunch. My husband and son would never turn down a good slab of steak. Whenever there is a special occasion, a guaranteed dish in our table would be my Mom’s signature marinated steak, cooked according to our preferences.

My dad taught us how to drink wine, because red wine is usually the best accompaniment drink for beef entrees. We did not need to drink an expensive wine or a vintage wine selection – we just need a heart wine flavor to even out meat’s robust flavors.

But what types of red wine should we pair for different kinds of meat? Here are some pointers:

Beef & Steak: Cabernet Sauvignon is a classic partner for red meat. Cabernets from California, Australia, Chile, or Bordeaux all work very well. Merlot and Syrah/Shiraz, too, are excellent choices.

Lamb: Bordeaux and Rioja are great choices, here, but try your favorite red wine and see what you think.

Casseroles and Stews: Hearty, robust reds are usually best and there are lots to choose from. Cêtes-du-Rhône, Syrah/Shiraz and Zinfandel are all good bets.

Pork and Veal: Red and white wine can work equally well with pork. Aim for lighter reds like Pinot Noir, Beaujolais or Chianti, or softer reds like Merlot. Chardonnay is a good choice for a “porky” white.

Poultry: As the flavor strengthens from chicken to pheasant, so, too, should the wine. A wide variety of wines work with poultry, particularly Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. A full-bodied Chardonnay can even handle goose. Strongly flavored poultry and game birds can easily handle red Bordeaux, Cabernets and Merlots.

BacchusSelections.com Review

Are you a wine connoisseur? A lot of people know how to appreciate good wine. Numerous occasions have been celebrated with a bottle or two of good wine. In fact, choosing an excellent bottle of wine and drinking it has become an art for some people. To further fuel the love and appreciation for fine wines, a lot of wine appreciation societies or organizations abound nowadays.

For those who are looking to buy a bottle of wine and do not have the time to go to the nearest wine or liquor shop, the internet has made it possible for you to buy excellent wines through BacchusSelections.com. This new members-only website offers a wide selection of wines that you can purchase. Although the current wine selection is visible only to members, the website currently offers a free membership trial so that you can try it out before becoming a full-fledged member.

The home page itself imitates the exclusivity that often comes with some groups of wine aficionados. The predominant black home page is very simple and straightforward. The image of a winery door adds an intriguing air that will make you curious and will interest any wine lover.

A very helpful section of the BacchusSelections.com site is their blog which provides a lot of information on wines. This encourages even those who are newbies when it comes to wines to explore the site and the membership that it offers.

For those who are members of the site, the site promises to provide them only with high quality wines that they can easily order through the website. Aside from having the opportunity to purchase from the site’s exquisite wine selections, members can get the wines for a really good price. If you are the type who likes to continuously explore new wine brands, being a member will let you have this opportunity as well.

The site is easy to navigate and provides adequate information for non-members. There is a FAQ’s, Terms and Conditions, and Policies which are easily accessible by visitor of the site. BacchusSelections.com revolutionizes wine appreciation on the internet. No matter where you are from, you can now learn more about a wide variety of wines as well as have the opportunity to purchase high quality wines.

So whether you are looking for wines for an event, an intimate party, or simply for personal consumption, BacchusSelections.com has everything you need and so much more.

Health Benefits of Drinking Fine Wines

A lot has been said about the health benefits of fine wines. Actually, it does not have to be a bottle of premier wine or even a bottle of rare wine. Even your ordinary red wine which costs less than $10 could provide you with numerous health benefits. Below are just some of them.

• Reduce bad cholesterol. A lot has been said about bad cholesterol. They are called bad because they can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases. The Resveratrol that is found in wines can help lower this risk by reducing bad cholesterol.
• Reduce weight. Wine can increase your body’s metabolism so moderate drinking can actually give you smaller waists and lower body mass.
• Prevents cancer. Regularly drinking red wine is found to help in decreasing the risk of cancer. Although it does not cure cancer, the phytochemicals and polyphenols found in red wine can fight chemicals and properties of cancer cells.

There are a lot of health benefits that red wine supposedly offers. However, keep in mind that in everything, moderation is the key. Do not think that it is okay to go on a wine-drinking spree. Limit your consumption to a glass of red wine per day to be able to maximize its health benefits.