Getting Connected.

I think amongst friends I am the only one who has a very basic phone. My mobile phone does not have 3G access and polyphonic tunes, not even space for  extra storage cards. Remember when the coolest thing you can have in your phone is streaming radio on your cell phone ? Due the release of more advanced phones like the Blackberry, iPhone and N97 which allow users to connect to the web faster and take pictures and serve as a personal assistant, that feature has long been not appreciated (due also in part to the advent of iPods).

But all that is bound to change with the advent of Mobitv! With Mobi Radio, you can put 50 channels of ad-free music, talk, news and more in your phone – all those for only $8.99 a month! I honestly would prefer radio over mp3 songs because I do like hearing the voice of a DJ every now and then, especially if the DJ is a cool one. Plus hearing breaking news every now and then is also important.


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