I should take up an active hobby, preferably one involved in sports.

This is what I realized during my first few weeks on being on a diet. The pounds won’t come off as fast as I would like them too. Somebody suggested I do some exercise at least 30 minutes a day, four times a week. The weight I lost doubled in the week I followed her suggestion. Since I get tired of anything monotonous like walking on the treadmill, I realized I should take up a sport.

And then I saw a video a cousin of mine posted on Facebook. She was surfing! And I knew then that I wanted to learn surfing. I messaged her for details and she replied that she wasn’t actually surfing but wakesurfing. Sounds new to your ears? Basically, she explained that wakesurfing as a cross between wakeboarding and surfing. The board resembles a surfboard you would use in the ocean but the waves you ride are produced by the boat. You do not have to go to beaches known for its waves. You just need a boat like what you need when wakeboarding, and do such actions until you are riding on top of the water, from the waves behind the boat, and you just drop the rope and ride with the waves. Now I want to be a wakesurfer! I can get a wakesufing beginner lesson from her and get my supplies from the Tahoe Marine Supply.

Would this be a sport I can last long into?
We will see.

Losing Weight With Table Tennis

It seems that weight loss is foremost in many people’s minds nowadays. A lot of people I know are either trying to lose weight or at least trying not to gain any. Some of my friends have already taken up different sports and one of them is considering ping pong. According to him, table tennis is a great way to lose weight. By playing only 15 minutes of table tennis, you could burn around 105 calories already. If you continue regularly playing this sport for twelve months, the calories that you burn will be equivalent to around 11 pounds of body fat. It makes me want to have my own table tennis table too.

Just like most sports, table tennis does not only help you lose weight, you also get a lot of extra health benefits like improved circulation, strengthening of leg and arm muscles, and increased energy levels. Keeping up with a sport will also increase your metabolism so that the long term effect of weight loss is more permanent; you do not have to worry too much about gaining the weight back. I hope my friend will be successful at his weight loss goal. Maybe if table tennis works for him I just might take it up too.