Most people often have the same resolution once a new year kicks in – lose weight, develop healthy eating habits, change into a healthy lifestyle.

There are a variety of diet plans out in the market today. For the most part, loading up on low carb food or cutting down on carbohydrates (rice, bread, starch) seems to be the most popular method in losing weight.

The challenge here is keeping yourself entertained with low carb diet food and be aware which are low carb snacks to fill you in throughout the day.

Here are some tips on how to enjoy while maintaining your diet:
1. Choose different food items.
Remember that there are a lot of low carb items out there and it shouldn’t be hard to vary your items on a frequent basis. In this manner, you will never eat the same thing frequently and can actually enjoy the food that you are consuming with ease.

2. Treat yourself occasionally.
Instead of going cold turkey on your sugar and other sugary items, it might be beneficial to think about enjoying some small treats once in a week or two. In this manner, you will not be depriving your body completely of the things that you like and you will still be maintaining your metabolism rate.

3. Set realistic targets.
When you do decide to follow a low carb meal, make sure that you have a realistic target that you can actually achieve. Many people assume that eating a lot of “healthy” food items will accelerate their weight loss. Portion control and exercise still play a huge part in weight loss.

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Different Types of Diets for Women

Most women are always on what I would like to call “perpetual” diet. I have always had weight issues ever since I was a kid – genetics and a lifestyle disposition led me to what I weigh today, and I have tried different diets for women only to have them backfire on me and have me gain more than what I lose when I stopped.

There are so many diets out there, it is about finding what works for your body. In the end, it is all about changing one’s lifestyle and eating habit to be able to maintain an ideal weight.

Low Calorie Diets

This is basically the “original” diet. Lower your calorie intake so your body burns more calories than it takes in. Seems simple enough. There is no need to worry about which food type you take, just so long as you limit your calories.

Low Carb Diets
This seems to be the most popular diet now a days. Everywhere you go someones trying to avoid carbs. But there is a lot if misconception when it comes to carbs and weighty loss. Simple carbs like sugar and processed flour (bread, pastries) gets converted to body fat faster than protein or complex carbs. However once turned into body fat, carbs do not ‘stick’ to your hips. There is no difference between fat made form carbs, and fat made from protein.

The problem with many low carb diet is they restrict things like fruit and complex carbs like whole wheat. This is just flat out wrong. These foods promote weight loss. So while you can lose weight with a low carb diet, make sure you differentiate between plain carbs (which you should be avoiding) and complex carbs (which you should eat).

Lemon Juice Diet
Otherwise called the maple syrup diet, the lemon juice diet was popularized by Beyonce Knowles when she shed 20lbs two weeks before filming the movie Dreamgirls. It’s known as a detox or cleansing diet, and one that should not be done in the long run.

Foods To Eat While on The HCG Diet Plan

The HCG diet plan, a weight loss plan which uses HCG drops to help you lose weight, has been experiencing an increase in popularity. Aside from taking in HCG drops every day, this diet plan requires you to take in only 500 calories per day. This can be a challenge for most people especially in coming up with foods that will let you take in calories efficiently. Below are some suggested foods you can eat while on the hcg diet.
• Take your coffee black. For coffee-lovers on the hcg diet plan, it is best to take your coffee black. You will save on a few calories that the sugar and creamer often contributes. For those who prefer tea, take organic green tea or organic chamomile tea.
• Remove the fat. For meats, make sure that you take them without the fat. Buy lean meats as much as possible and cook them without oil. It is healthier if you bake or grill them.
• Eat lots of veggies. Plenty of vegetables should be regularly a part of your menu. Avoid fried vegetables and go for boiled, grilled, or steamed. Include a fruit as well for each meal.
• Avoid processed foods. Whenever you feel hungry, you may drink coffee or tea. Do not consume processed foods even as snacks.

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