Eyeglasses vs. Contact Lenses

While I have been gifted with 20/20 vision even with continued exposure to the glare of the computer screen for more than 18hours a day on most weeks, my sister hasn’t been that lucky. We siblings were diagnosed with astigmatism when we were young – around 7 or 8, and all of us eventually corrected our vision with the help of eyeglasses, except for our youngest. She wears glasses to this day and often needs to have her eye prescription upgraded every year. As of the moment, her eyeglasses are thick and she is a prime candidate for Lasik Surgery actually. She has 2 eyeglasses (one for back up) and a pair of Acuvue oasys contacts.

She uses contact lenses for parties and presentations at work where she would need to be at her best. She loves Acuvue oasys contact lenses as it doesn’t irritate as it doesn’t irritate her eyes even if she sleeps with them on (She has a habit of doing that). Contact lenses are small round pieces of plastic worn on the cornea of the eyes. It is so light and thin that people do not feel a thing while wearing it. Unlike eye glasses, which can get uncomfortable and is prone to breaking and misplacing, contact lenses are pretty comfortable and there is little chance of any kind of irritation if instructions are followed properly. They can to a certain point protect the eyes from trauma unlike eyeglasses. A friend recently got into a car accident and pieces of glasses were everywhere and went into her eye. It was a good thing she was wearing contacts so there were just minimal abrasions to her lenses.