Chinese Veggies

I definitely need to read about the phentermine reviews online if I can make it a point to eat like the Chinese – they eat in small portions, drink hot tea all day and incorporate veggies into their meals, and mind you they are cooked deliciously! The veggies are always crunchy and yet the taste of milk/butter/oil seeps through and you dont even notice you are eating leaves.

Sweet Treats

These are the desserts during the Chinese wedding reception. It isn’t that sweet actually, it’s pao with sweet curry inside (milk + egg) and it is very creamy. The pao bread is similar to siopao we eat here, only theirs is softer. There are not much sweet treats where we went, not even chocolates, which is actually a natural depression treatment! Dont they know that? :)

Chinese Wedding Drinks

We had the privilege to be able to attend a Chinese wedding reception when we were in China so I was able to see how they celebrate. I noticed that with other restaurants, they do not order anything but hot tea. Not even cold water. No wonder they have slim bodies and do not need nanocleanse for pimples or acne. They, however, served liquor during the wedding reception. My husband didnt like the taste of the wine though.

Spicy Squid & Asado

I need to upgrade my computer memory if I need to process about 2000 photos easily. The two pictures are just part of the tons of food we ate when we were in China. If I am not mistaken, these were from our dinner on the second day. These are spicy squid and the dish you call asado locally. Both are very very good!

Suckling Pig and Beef Tendons

While we were in China, we also had the opportunity to get invited in a wedding. After eating so much, I think I finally need to read those apidexin reviews and choose which one I need to use to help me lose weight! The first picture is a roasted suckling pig which meat was so soft and skin so crunchy! The second picture is a plate full of beef tendons cooked in buttermilk. Can you imagine separating beef tendons separately from the meat and preparing it as a single dish?!

Stuffed Eggplant

I need to write a hydroxatone review article for my client but cannot stop thinking about the stuffed eggplant with chicken we ate at China. It might look unappetizing at first because everything is dark-colored, but trust me this is yummy! It is served sizzling hot but when you taste it, it is bursting with flavor. I love eggplants, it a great extender!

Authentic Chinese food

I am blessed to be able to travel out of the country this year and experience China. Their way of life, culture and thinking are very different from what I have been accustomed with, but the hosts we were able to befriend were kind-hearted. Do you know that they do not drink that much water? They drink hot tea all day! Tap water from Grohe faucets is usually preferred over water with ice cubes!

Here are some photos of some authentic Chinese pao :)