A Business Worth to Try

Restaurants, fast food chains, and such are one of the trending businesses nowadays. In fact, there are new establishments are created annually. And since food is one of the things needed by people in order to live, it’s really a good idea to start up a business related to food industry.
Although there are different kinds of businesses available like fx trading (https://www.varengoldbankfx.com/en/), or perhaps, business management/marketing industry, still nothing compares to a business which is related to the basic needs of human especially when it comes to food. However, starting one is not that easy. A person must plan first everything before finalizing it. Aside from that, investment plays a big role in the planning. Most probably, a big amount of money is needed especially that you are still about to try it for the first time.
Of course, starting up a business doesn’t guarantee the investor/owner to get success in the field that easily then. There are more trials to face and problems to look for solutions. However, if you just know how to play wisely and smartly in the field, definitely, it will not be hard for you to handle and manage business like such.

Restaurant Menu Printing

It is tough being a restaurant owner. There are so many details to take care of that it can easily become overwhelming. One of the most important details is making sure that your menus look their best. Restaurant menus give a strong impression to customers of a restaurant’s quality. If they are sticky, dirty or poor quality, then a customer will be negatively influenced and order less. However, if the menus are appealing and high-quality, then customers will be impressed and order more. The best way to ensure great menus for your restaurant is to use an online printing company.

You can also employ an eon code web2print software solutions company so you can have full access with everything for approval.

Restaurant: Interior Decorating and Beautification

When you go into the food business, not only will you be concerned about the quality, cleanliness and taste of the food that you offer, you should also be concerned on the presentation and the ambiance of your restaurant or food place.

Decorating your restaurant would depend on the theme you would like to go for, and in some ways, the cuisine you are offering. If you are going with a 50s diner/retro theme, you can go with tiled floors, a jukebox, swirly chairs and vintage posters. You can easily have them reprinted with poster printing services.

Remember print media is still a multi-faceted form of communication. Posters are not only a tried-and-tested way to communicate high-level information for events – they are also an art form in themselves, with posters appearing in frames on some of the best-dressed walls. Arty poster prints may be big business nowadays, but traditional poster printing still has a large part to play in promoting businesses, goods and services.

There are many companies offering services for printing posters. Print companies offering poster printing services work with people across a number of businesses, organizations, charities and community groups to produce eye-catching posters that command real attention wherever they are displayed. You can have your posters developed here and then just have them matted and put into frames! Have a look at the products here so you will know the different sizes available plus the different print quality settings you can choose from.

If you are decorating or renovating your restaurant, here are some tips:
1) Develop a vision for your layout
2) Increase the efficiency of your venue
3) Diversify your space

These basic tips can help you determine what goals you have as a restaurant owner and how a well-thought -out remodel can help you achieve those goals. Of course it is always advisable to consult an expert when choosing what type of restaurant furniture is right for your establishment and what layout will best help make your vision reality. Posters are a cheap but effective way to highlight your walls instead of pricey paintings!

New Menus for His Bed and Breakfast

A good friend owns and operates a bed and breakfast inn. He and his family manages its daily operations, with him being in charge in the food and dining area. He is a certified chef and even had his own cooking show back in the day! I have tasted his cooking and it is superb!

Just recently, they renovated their pool to include a kiddie-size pool and introduced more dining options and check-in rates for their inn. Together with this development, he created kiddie menus and more varieties on their current menu offerings. He hired a good photographer to have his new food options shot and showed it to a select few via an led art projector during the recent VIP members meeting at their inn.

They were impressed! Aside from the food photo presentation, samplings were made and distributed during the event so they got to taste the new food choices. I am sure the holiday season would be great for my friend, I am so excited for him!

Starbucks Red Cups are Back!

The holidays are more evident in Starbucks stores. The annual red cups are back and this year you get the chance to enjoy these season’s signature favorites:
Toffee Nut
Peppermint Mocha
Dark Cherry Mocha

My personal favorite is the hot Peppermint Mocha, though I get to choose between the other two in days I want to try something different.

What’s your favorite red cup?

Restaurant: Steak Town by The Lake

I really regret not having enough duracell procell d batteries when we went to Steak Town, a new restaurant in Tagaytay. I love the vintage photos hanging in the wall featuring the various restaurants built ages ago. And I love their menu the best – for a very reasonable price, you get mouth-watering delicious steak, unlimited salad, dessert, drinks and coffee.

I ordered the tenderloin steak and loved it:


The Lake House
General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway,
Maharlika East, Tagaytay City
Temporary contact info: 2155341 and 2154908

Enjoying Conti’s

We went to Nuvali last weekend and we ate at a family favorite restaurant, Conti’s. We love the cakes here so it was no surprise we ordered a slice of cake for each one of us – plus some roastbeef for the men too. We were all complete – my extended family and my family – and we talked over cake and coffee and caught up with one another. We gave our opinions on the trailer hitch my brother was planning to buy and got excited by the impending addition to our family – a new baby!

Here’s what we ordered:

Mango Bravo:

Mango cream pie/tart:

Moist chocolate cake:

Choosing Your Must-Have Features In a Restaurant POS System

Some of the features that a restaurant pos system may have to help you choose which ones are important for you to have.

A lot of businesses in the hospitality industry make use of a point of sale system to help make their everyday business operations easier, quicker, and more efficient. If you are a business owner and just starting to think of getting a then finding a reliable provider of solutions is not so difficult. What makes the choice a bit more challenging is deciding which provider to get.

Among the considerations you should think about before choosing a restaurant pos system provider are the features and capabilities of their . To help you identify which features you should look for, below are some of the features that you may want on your restaurant pos system.

  • Interface. The first thing that will be of concern to your employees is how easy it is to use the system. You will want something that is very easy to use and will require little training for your employees to get the hang of it. Choose an interface that has colorful large buttons to minimize errors in inputting orders.  You may also want an interface that is easy to customize so that your employees can arrange it to their convenience.
  • Order routing. To maximize the efficiency that your restaurant pos system brings, ensure that it has the capability to route orders to the kitchen. This will eliminate the need for your wait staff to relay the orders to the kitchen and the register.
  • Coupon processing. Does your restaurant offer coupons or gift certificates? If yes, then it is a must for your restaurant pos system to have the capability to handle the processing of these special offers.
  • Customer database. This is something that not every pos system has but it can increase your business’ personal touch to its customers. Although some customers may find something like this intrusive, a customer database will allow you to provide loyalty and rewards programs if it is something that you want to implement.
  • Biometrics. Many restaurant pos system also functions as staff monitoring systems. If you want yours to have this function as well, it will be a good idea to make use of fingerprint technology to help eliminate fraud and theft within your company. Aside from this, it will make it easy to prepare payroll and increase the accuracy of your employee-related reports. You will also find it easier to fix your staff’s schedules especially if they are on a shifting basis.
  • Reporting. One of the biggest perks of having a restaurant pos system is the reporting convenience that it provides. Take note of the usual reports that you want and make sure that the restaurant pos system that you will get can provide them for you.