Royal Wedding Cake

For foodies, the royal wedding cake sparked more interest that Catherine Middleton’s, now Duchess of Cambridge, wedding gown. And it might delight foodies to know that they did not have one, but two wedding cakes at the reception! And one of them was chocolate! It’s great to know that slender and lean people like them do not need to read an oxyelite pro review to even consider taking diet pills, and yet they still enjoy sweets every now and then!

The first royal wedding cake, made by Fiona Cairns, was designed using the Joseph Lambeth technique.

According to the Official Royal Wedding Web site (

The Joseph Lambeth Method is derived from a style of decorating that was popular in England where chefs and decorators would use intricate piping to create 3-D scrollwork, leaves, flowers, and other decorations on a cake. A cake decorated in the Lambeth Method and accented with fresh fruit or flowers is the wedding cake of choice for anyone who wants a traditional looking, elegant wedding cake.

Each of the 17 different flower designs on the official wedding cake has their own individual meaning according to the Language of Flowers. They include:

* White Rose – National symbol of England

* Daffodil – National symbol of Wales, new beginnings

* Shamrock – National symbol of Ireland

* Thistle – National symbol of Scotland

* Acorns, Oak Leaf – Strength, endurance

* Myrtle – Love

* Ivy – Wedded Love, Marriage

* Lily-of-the-Valley – Sweetness, Humility

* Rose (Bridal) – Happiness, Love.

* Sweet William – Grant me one smile

* Honeysuckle – The Bond of Love

* Apple Blossom – Preference, Good Fortune

* White Heather – Protection, Wishes will come true

* Jasmine (White) – Amiability

* Daisy – Innocence, Beauty, Simplicity

* Orange Blossom – Marriage, Eternal Love, Fruitfulness

* Lavender – ardent attachment, devotion, success, and luck.

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