Choosing Your Must-Have Features In a Restaurant POS System

Some of the features that a restaurant pos system may have to help you choose which ones are important for you to have.

A lot of businesses in the hospitality industry make use of a point of sale system to help make their everyday business operations easier, quicker, and more efficient. If you are a business owner and just starting to think of getting a then finding a reliable provider of solutions is not so difficult. What makes the choice a bit more challenging is deciding which provider to get.

Among the considerations you should think about before choosing a restaurant pos system provider are the features and capabilities of their . To help you identify which features you should look for, below are some of the features that you may want on your restaurant pos system.

  • Interface. The first thing that will be of concern to your employees is how easy it is to use the system. You will want something that is very easy to use and will require little training for your employees to get the hang of it. Choose an interface that has colorful large buttons to minimize errors in inputting orders.  You may also want an interface that is easy to customize so that your employees can arrange it to their convenience.
  • Order routing. To maximize the efficiency that your restaurant pos system brings, ensure that it has the capability to route orders to the kitchen. This will eliminate the need for your wait staff to relay the orders to the kitchen and the register.
  • Coupon processing. Does your restaurant offer coupons or gift certificates? If yes, then it is a must for your restaurant pos system to have the capability to handle the processing of these special offers.
  • Customer database. This is something that not every pos system has but it can increase your business’ personal touch to its customers. Although some customers may find something like this intrusive, a customer database will allow you to provide loyalty and rewards programs if it is something that you want to implement.
  • Biometrics. Many restaurant pos system also functions as staff monitoring systems. If you want yours to have this function as well, it will be a good idea to make use of fingerprint technology to help eliminate fraud and theft within your company. Aside from this, it will make it easy to prepare payroll and increase the accuracy of your employee-related reports. You will also find it easier to fix your staff’s schedules especially if they are on a shifting basis.
  • Reporting. One of the biggest perks of having a restaurant pos system is the reporting convenience that it provides. Take note of the usual reports that you want and make sure that the restaurant pos system that you will get can provide them for you.

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