New Menus for His Bed and Breakfast

A good friend owns and operates a bed and breakfast inn. He and his family manages its daily operations, with him being in charge in the food and dining area. He is a certified chef and even had his own cooking show back in the day! I have tasted his cooking and it is superb!

Just recently, they renovated their pool to include a kiddie-size pool and introduced more dining options and check-in rates for their inn. Together with this development, he created kiddie menus and more varieties on their current menu offerings. He hired a good photographer to have his new food options shot and showed it to a select few via an led art projector during the recent VIP members meeting at their inn.

They were impressed! Aside from the food photo presentation, samplings were made and distributed during the event so they got to taste the new food choices. I am sure the holiday season would be great for my friend, I am so excited for him!


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