Cafe Breton

Even if the weather has noticeably gone cooler, it didn’t stop my and my friends from enjoying some cold sweet treats from Cafe Breton.

We usually go to Starbucks for some cake and coffee but the people this time of the year is out of this world crazy (maybe because of the Starbucks planner?) so we decided to go to Cafe Breton instead.

We were not disappointed!

Coffee with whipped cream – oh la la!

Le Magnifique

Strawberry Short Cake Crepe

Banana Split Peach Melba

French Baker

French Baker brings back so many nice childhood memories. Whenever there were reasons to celebrate, my parents would take us to French Baker and I’d always have lasagna. I saw the restaurant when I went out by myself a week ago and had to try if they taste the same. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Their lasagna is not that cheesy and yummy as they used to be, or perhaps my memory of their food was just perfect. You can even say I was addicted to it. It’s a good thing that I didn’t need to go to a malibu rehab treatment center!

San Jacinto Restaurant

They serve Chinese food – but their food is not the typical Chinese fare. The restaurant is surprisingly full all the time, and cashiers are ringing all the time (Im sure they follow the ach rules too).

My mom ate so much fatty foods that I am sure she needed to check her cholesterol the following day.

Here are some of the yummy food we were able to taste. My grandmother celebrated her 86th birthday there.


I was pretty excited to discover Deal Grocer offered deals from Antonio’s because 1) I have heard raves about this place but was scared it was out of our budget and 2) Its location is close to our house. I snatched up a couple of coupons intending to treat my parents as well. It was a good thing my camera didn’t need rechargeable aaa batteries as I was able to take pictures of the heavenly food.

Antonio’s is not all hype – that much I can tell. I am even willing to pay full price for it the next time we eat there.

Fresh Fruit Bowl Salad w/ Citrus Mint Syrup (P 385)

Croque Monsieur (P 400)

Quattro Formaggi (P 460)

Rosemary Paprika Roast Chicken w/ Rock Salt Potato Fries – good for 2-3 persons (P 830)

Seared Angus Sirloin Steak w/ Herbed Butter Sauce, Vinegared Potato Fries (P 1,300)

Of course – dessert!
Banana Split (P 255)

Flourless Chocolate Cake (P 240)

Mango Crepe (P 230)


I have failed to blog about our recent eating escapades. I was caught in making birth announcements for clients and then life got busier with trips and sickies in the house. Thanks to group-buying sites, we finally get to try some known restaurants at a fraction of what it would normally cost us.

I got this deal from Deal Grocer, getting it based from feedback from friends. Since the husband and I love steaks, I figured it was worth a try. We weren’t disappointed!

We had salad first:

Scallops Salad in Brown Butter
vanilla chili lime vinaigrette

And then came the steak – oh my – best steak evar!
550 grams of Certified Angus Beef Angusaurus Steak with Twice Baked Potato.

20 Scout Tuason corner Scout Castor Sts, Quezon City Philippines
+63(2) 415.55.33 or +63(2) 376.58.96

NSG Goodies (National Sports Grill)

I met up with friends a few weeks ago to discuss where to buy golf pda gps at the source and catch up on each others’ lives. We have not seen each other for months now though we get to “see” each other online everyday, it is still not the same as personal interaction. There are some things we just talk about better in person.

We ate at National Sports Grill and I cannot believe I was able to finish their HUMONGOUS servings – I kid you not!

TY Cobb Salad
Diced marinated chicken with cheese, tomatoes, chopped bacon, sliced eggs and avocado on top of mixed greens, Served with your choice of dressing

Chicken Breast Platter
Choice of Cajun, BBQ or pico de gallo topped chicken breast. Served with buttered corn, firecracker fries, coleslaw, fruit and garlic cheese toast

Starbucks Five Cheese Turnover

This is my current favorite in the Starbucks’ treat section – the five cheese turnover. It is one of the very few things my husband likes at Starbucks! It’s the five cheese turnover and I discovered it through my sister. We were having one of those sister dates where we discuss what’s happening in our lives, job prospects, my dislike towards nursing uniforms and gossip in general.

Now, whenever the husband and I go out on our regular Starbucks date, we make sure to order this when it is available!

Biiiiiig Pizza

We went to Sta. Rosa two weekends ago and we came across this 30-inch pizza at the Pizza.Pasta.Steak place. Too bad we were bent on eating at Kanin Club that we couldn’t spare room in our tummies for pizza even if we had us coins to spare :)

Next time we know which food restaurant to try out next. My kids, being pizza lovers, are excited already!