Couch to 5K

Can I actually do a Couch to 5K program?
I really want to go back into running.

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I looked at the stats and it says a 5 minute jog coupled with a 1 minute walk in intervals. It seems doable. I can try for a very slow jog at first – then maybe do it for two intervals at first.

Can I do this? Review

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Energy Foods

I have proven that the best way to lose weight fast is to become sick! Now that would be unhealthy so I don’t mind taking it slow. What I find hard to do when I am dieting is that I lack the energy to exercise. When I exercise, I get so hungry I feel I can eat a whole horse!

So after doing some research I found out that there are energy boosters in some foods I might want to try:

Pulling energy from food is mainly about carbohydrates. You can always carbo-load for a quick energy burst, but consuming too many sugary carbs can lead to weight gain. You’re probably more interested in staying awake in the afternoon and feeling fresh after a hard day’s work.

The solution? Keep your carb levels on an even keel, which means avoiding those sugary spikes. Since your blood sugar drops four hours after eating, it means eating more frequent, smaller meals. It means concentrating on low-fat, high-fiber foods and complex carbs – these are broken down slowly and steadily, giving you regular energy throughout the day.

This combo will boost your physical and mental energy as high as possible, without sending extra sugary carbs through the fat-making factory.

Our 10 Favorite Energy Foods

1. Whole Wheat Pasta
2. Oatmeal
3. Fruit Smoothies made with low-fat yogurt
4. Peanut Butter
5. Dried Fruit (apricots, cranberries, kiwis, pears, pineapples, figs)
6. Yams
7. Lima Beans
8. Apples
9. Carrots
10. Chickpeas


* Eat breakfast! This is absolutely the #1 “eating for energy” strategy. It gets your metabolism off to a strong start and makes nighttime snacking a thing of the past. (Coffee is not breakfast.)
* Avoid grease and dairy (pizza, burgers, ice cream, cheese) and their simple and sugary carbs that can throw blood sugar levels out of whack.
* Focus on whole grains, which are good sources of vitamin B, aiding the metabolic production of energy.
* Don’t forget iron, an energy-boosting mineral.

Riding the Elliptical


The husband got me one last weekend as I am dead set on losing weight more than ever. I am averaging one hour on usual days, paced 25 minutes three times a day. Four days into using it, I cannot feel my legs anymore. Seriously! :) A friend told me pain is a good thing, it means it is working. Now to get through the pain so I can increase my time. Maybe next week. In the meantime, I’m due for a facial – time to get rid of blackheads!

The low impact nature of these machines greatly reduces stress on the joints of the lower body (ankles, knees, and hips).

Since it is a weight-bearing exercise, elliptical training promotes cell growth in the bones of the lower body and spine thus helping ward off the debilitating effects of osteoporosis. This is a distinct advantage that elliptical trainers have over other exercise devices that are not weight-bearing such as rowing machines and stationary bikes.

The other great advantage that elliptical trainers have over other exercise machines is that most models work the muscles of both the upper and lower body. This results in a cardiovascular efficiency that produces an equivalent training effect as other forms of exercise, but over a shorter period of time.

iPhone App: Lose It!

Lose It iPhone App

This was recommended by a friend who has been trying to live a healthier lifestyle. It has been in my iPhone for two weeks before I finally tinkered around with it and give it a try. It really works wonders – you get to track down what you eat, what you spend (calories) and they even have a date when you can attain your goal weight if you lose a certain number of pounds a week. This way, I wouldn’t need prototype 37-c for treating my wrinkles, as everything is there already.

Here is what it looks like:
A daily shot if you are within goal:

Daily Log:


Calorie-Busting Activities

I really need to learn to be more active during the day. I have been a complete couch potato before and now I am burning a hole in my computer chair from being in front of the computer for most part of the day all the time.

I used to run a lot before – maybe I should go back to doing that, even starting with brisk walking. I also can try to dance, I have had Jillian’s 30 Day Shred on my computer for the longest time and I haven’t even finished to 10 minutes. My body is wide enough to get qualified for mma fighting. I have never been a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, it always make my skin crawl and I just cannot bear watching men break bones using their bare hands. I know though men would kill to see their action fighting live! And I know that my brother-in-law paid a huge sum to be able to watch Fedor Emelianenko compete!

Bed Weather

January and February are the coldest months of the season for us. Since I am not used to the cold, it is hard for me to wake up each morning, take a bath and even work (even if I work at home) – all my daily routines are sacrificed. All I want to do it lie in bed and sleep and snuggle. If only we have an electric blanket so we don’t have to bring out as many blankets (less laundry to begin with). One of the disadvantages is that I tend to overeat and feel sluggish all the time.

Losing the Belly Fat


I am a big woman and admittedly, obese. I am tall for my size so I can somehow my built to an extent, if only my huge pot belly isn’t sticking it out. I get mistaken for a pregnant woman all the time! People advise me that the only way to lose the belly is to steer clear from sugar and carbs (refined ones) so I don’t get bloated that much.

Here is what Jen Mueller, Certified Personal Trainer and Nicole Nichols, Certified Fitness Instructor has to say:

There is no way to target weight loss to a specific area of the body because your body decides where it wants to put on weight and where it wants to take it off. The midsection is a common "problem" area for many people.

The best way to lose fat is through cardiovascular exercise. It is important to do a variety of abdominal exercises (including crunches) to keep your core strong, but until that excess fat is gone, you will not see the muscle definition. So if you’re not doing cardio, crunches are not going to help get the six-pack you’ve been hoping for. Regular cardio exercise at a level that’s challenging for you is your best bet.