The Search for Physical Therapy Jobs

A neighbor’s son just recently graduated from a big university. He was able to finish his degree in physical therapy and is now looking at possible physical therapy jobs that he could apply to. Although he is also searching for jobs locally, what he actually wants is a job abroad where pay is bigger.

The other day, he was telling me about seeing a lot of occupational therapy jobs in one website that he visited and that he applied for one of the physical therapist assistant jobs. However, he knows that it will be difficult for him to land one especially since he does not have any work experience yet except for his internship at a local hospital. So he is narrowing his job search to local hospital and rehabilitation centers. He hopes to get a few years experience and then finally try his luck with the same jobs abroad.

According to him, many of his classmates also have the same plan. Despite their eagerness and persistence to find jobs abroad, many hospitals and rehabilitation centers are not willing to take an inexperienced newly grad. Hence, they are all settling for local jobs and they jokingly made bets on who will be the first one to finally get an overseas job. I hope that person is our neighbor’s son.


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