Rent Books to Your Heart’s Content

Are you like Peter who is a book lover, whose living space is limited, and who refuses to give in to electronic books? Are you like him who is content on spending Saturday nights on the reading couch but worry about where to store read books afterwards? Let me share his secret. While it is true he would listen to Audio books on cd when he is too busy to sit down and read he has not totally given up on printed books. He is old school like that, the smell of new books excite him. He does not sacrifice his room space either. He would Rent books instead!

Peter found a perfect Book rental partner in He is only paying at least $10 per month and yet he still gets to read old and new titles during his free time. His bookshelf is currently composed of books he ordered from the site, which were shipped to him for free (and he will ship them back for free also). And Peter need not worry about due dates because borrowers are never charged for late fees. One time, he got the titles wrong and the customer service agent he talked to was very accommodating. Follow Peter’s lead and your issues will be solved, too.


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