Starbucks Holiday Red Cups are Back!

What is the easiest sign of the holidays at Starbucks?

The return of the red cups!

I am sure that the Address Plaque of Starbucks would automatically mean Peppermint Mocha, Cranberry Mocha and Toffee Nut to some people and the mad dash to complete stickers for a Starbucks Limited Edition Annual Planner.

This year I am still nowhere half of my stickers. For some reason I am not digging the Cranberry Mocha Frappucino (have yet to try the hot version though):

I miss the white cherry mocha.

But I love their Chistmas sweet treats, that’s for sure. Molten chocolate lava cake anyone?

RockStar-Themed Party Cupcakes

My niece got baptized a few weeks ago and she had a rockstar-themed party celebration. I love her table centerpieces (rock guitar pink sunglasses) and her pink cupcakes – it tasted delicious too. It makes me excited to attend my friends’ kids birthday parties in a few weeks. My kids have a more active social life than their parents! (We don’t mind of course :)). One celebrant even got a pc tablet for her 7th birthday!

Sweet Treats – Ice Cream

I admittedly have a sweet tooth but I prefer cakes to ice cream. My daughter, however, loves ice cream so much. She can eat it everyday (she asks for it everyday actually). Whenever we go out, you can bet your life that she would ask for a cone from one of the kiosks or stalls you see in the mall. She really isn’t picky when it comes to the brand and flavors – as long as it is ice cream.

I was able to try out new flavors this month though. Haagen Daaz’s Dulce de Leche and Selecta Ice Cream’s Caramel Cheesecake. I got the Haagen Daaz treat thanks to a Deal Grocer offer, all I needed to do was provide a document imaging copy of my voucher and I get two flavors!

Haagen Daaz Dulce de Leche

Selecta Caramel Cheesecake

These two flavors are really for the sweet tooth! I usually can finish a pint (no kidding!) when I love the flavors but with these two, even if I did like them, I cannot bring myself to eat more than a few spoonfuls. They were too sweet! Review

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Fruits in Ice Cream (FIC)

For the little girl’s birthday three weeks ago, we threw a kiddie party for her. But all she really wanted was some ice cream – it truly is her favorite. So even if we needed to buy ATV Tires for a truck we are renting, we went to eat some ice cream on her actual birthday. She managed to finish one big scoop!

Royal Wedding Cake – The McVities Chocolate Cake

I am oddly curious how this chocolate cake tastes like! Actually, it is not that odd considering I have the sweetest tooth ever! I can survive on sweets all day — that is why I need hgh pills!

The chocolate biscuit cake was created by Mcvitie’s Cake Company using a Royal Family recipe at the special request of Prince William. Prince Will must have sweet tooth too :)

Typical Meal in a Day

Below you can see why I am always complaining how hard it is to lose weight. I might be window shopping at the mall looking at Casablanca fans and walking (it burns down calories), but you will often see me having something (typically sweet) in my hands.

Breakfast: Leftover baked potato halves (with cream cheese) from Yellow Cab:

Snack: Drive-thru Jolly hotdog meal from Jollibee:

Snack: Scramble

Disclaimer: I did not eat this all in one day. :)

Sweet Treats

What better way than to have sweets like chocolates while playing games on your new Christmas gift, the PlayStation 3? It was exactly what happened during Christmas in our family, but we didn’t have playstation 3 but PSPs and iPhones/iPads/iTouch. Everyone had a gadget in his hands and were playing something over endless chit chats and jokes. Among the sweet treats, Crunch chocolate was my favorite!