Homemade Chicken Nuggets

On our quest to start eating healthier, I have been collecting some meals that have natural ingredients and as little preservatives as possible. One of them is homemade chicken nuggets. Being mom to schooling children, it is always challenging coming up with new food for them to take to school lunches. (and easy to prepare in the mornings too). It’s as challenging as keeping the pool supply in the community gym pool clean for a week!

I found this recipe online and can’t wait to try it:

Source: 100daysofrealfood.com via Aggie on Pinterest

Homemade chicken nuggets-Tried these and not only are they some of the best chicken nuggets i’ve had, they cost less than a bag of processed nuggets, and I once cooked up and popped in the freezer I have the same ease as store bought nuggets-very excited about this!! Plus there is a great honey mustard dip at the bottom of the recipe :).

Mama Sita’s Homestyle Recipes

This book has been a lifesaver for me!

My husband has been complaining that we have not had any “new” food to try for a couple of weeks now. It is true. I have had our help cook the same meals every week. Knowing how little I know about cooking, I call it Divine Intervention when I saw this book at an office supply store (at all places!). We were buying my corkboard and a few office supplies when I glanced upon the magazine rack while falling in line at the cashier to pay. There were a variety of magazines, from health magazines featuring the latest testosterone booster products to gossip magazines and parenting magazines. This was in the top shelf and I knew I had to get it!

What I look about this book is the ingredients are familiar and can be bought at a local market. The recipes are tested Pinoy favorites too!

Turbo Chicken Recipes

Instead of going over the quotes I have with me and decide on the cheapest car insurance for our car, I searched for turbo chicken recipes I can try.


The following is a quick, very common and no-fail way of preparing Turbo Chicken here in the Philippines, using ingredients and spices that are most readily available (read: household staples in this part of the world).

Filipino-style Turbo Chicken

You will need:
* Calamansi (calamondin), 2 pieces, squeezed and seeded
* Toyo (soy sauce), about a tablespoonful will do
* Salt and pepper to taste
* Garlic, a couple of cloves to a full head, depending on your preference
* Sugar (optional)
* a medium-sized raw chicken, thawed

1. Mix all the ingredients (except the chicken) into a marinade. Give the chicken a good rubdown with it, taking care to massage it inside and out. If you prefer a stronger flavor, you can let the chicken soak in the marinade for an hour but this is really not necessary. The strong taste of the soy sauce will already provide it with enough flavor.
2. Place a small baking pan at the bottom of the oven, this will be used to catch the drippings (don’t throw this after the chicken is cooked! You can use it to make gravy, or see the rest of my explanation below). Place the wire rack that comes with the Turbo above the pan and put the chicken on top of it.
3. Cover your turbo broiler. Set the temperature to 180 degrees celsius (or 375 degrees fahrenheit) and set the timer to go off after 45 minutes. The light inside will go on.
4. Keep checking the chicken (through the see-through glass) every 15 minutes or so. If you think it looks dry, get a pastry brush and baste the chicken with some of the drippings.
5. It should be nicely crisp and golden brown after 40 minutes. You can turn it over if you want the underside to be crispy too. Just be careful not to leave it under the broiler for too long.

How to serve Turbo Chicken, Filipino-style
Turbo chicken is usually cut up into pieces, like in the above photo, and served with steamed rice. It’s also commonly served along with the drippings which we Filipinos like to put over our rice (This practice is not very healthy but it’s really delicious. Just be careful not to overdo it.)


Chicken Inasal


Chicken Inasal is a very flavorful chicken dish that comes from Bacolod City, the capital of Negros Occidental which is a province in Southern Philippines. Unlike the usual Filipino-style "barbecue" or grilled chicken that only uses soy sauce, this dish uses a variety of native ingredients and seasonings for its marinade and basting sauce, giving it a delicious spicy-salty, slightly tangy flavor. Inasal is traditionally cooked over a hot charcoal grill and this method is said to enhance the flavor of the marinade, making the dish tastier. This dish is also known for its yellowish color, achieved through the use of achuete (annatto seed oil).
Chicken inasal has since become popular all over the country including the Philippines’ capital, Metro Manila with many restaurants now serving their own version of the dish. It is commonly served in halves or quarters, still on their wooden skewers and lying on top of a banana leaf. Inasal is usually paired with fried garlic rice and a dip of soy sauce, vinegar, calamansi and if you’re brave, some crushed small red chili peppers.
Authentic inasal preparation is quite fussy but who says you can’t enjoy this delicious dish even when you don’t have the luxury of time? Yes, now you can do it yourself in the comforts of your home. the ubiquitous, all-purpose Turbo Oven has come to the rescue once more.
Turbo Chicken Inasal Recipe
Adapted from the authentic chicken inasal recipe
Serves: 3-6 people
You will need:
1 whole chicken
A marinade made of
1 head garlic, macerated
2 tbsps. chopped ginger
1 tbsp. brown sugar
1/3 cup sinamak (native coconut vinegar)
10 pieces calamansi, juice extracted
3 stalks tanglad (lemon grass), juliennes
salt and coarsely ground pepper
Basting Sauce
1/2 cup Star Margarine
1/4 cup achuete (annatto seeds) oil
salt and pepper
large bamboo skewers
charcoal for grilling

1. Mix together garlic, ginger, sinamak vinegar, a small amount of sugar, lemon grass, calamansi juice, salt, and pepper in a large bowl.
2. Rub the chicken with the mixture. (You can choose to leave the chicken whole or cut it up into pieces.)
3. Place chicken in the chiller and let it sit. After 30 minutes, turn the meat and then let it sit for another 30 minutes. It is not ideal to marinate the meat overnight since the acid of the vinegar will completely break down the enzymes of the meat.
4. Meanwhile heat the margarine and annatto seeds in a saucepan over low fire. Continue stirring for a few minutes until the margarine melts and the annatto seeds are well infused and have developed a deep orange color. Turn off the heat and add a small amount of salt and pepper to taste.
5. When the chicken is done marinating, put it on a wire rack and place it inside the turbo oven. Place a pan under the wire rack to catch the drippings.
6. Set the temperature to 180 degrees celsius (375 degrees fahrenheit) and set the timer to 45 minutes.
7. Baste the chicken with leftover marinade every 15 minutes, turning it over every now and then for an even roast. (Don’t worry you can lift the turbo’s cover every now and then and it will continue cooking.)
Serve your Turbo Chicken Inasal hot together with garlic fried rice and sinamak or soy sauce with calamansi and siling labuyo (small red, very hot chili peppers).

Turbo Broiler

To help me eat healthier, we bought a stove top grill and a turbo broiler. A turbo broiler is a popular appliance in the Philippines. It helps you cook meat and chicken (even fish) without the oil. You can think of it as a cross between oven baking and grilling. This way, I will not eat too much food with oil and would not need hoodia gordonii pills to help me lose weight.

A Turbo Oven is really quite simple to operate but if you want to make sure you knew how to use it properly first, have a look at the following video and see how easy it is to have a beautifully-roasted chicken in just 40-45 minutes!

A Turbo Oven / Cooker / Broiler is a table top oven that uses convection heat and therefore cooks 50% faster than regular ovens so if you’re adapting a regular oven recipe, remember to cut cooking time in half and lower the temperature of the turbo by about 50 degrees fahrenheit. Don’t worry because there will be some examples later in the page.

You can also prepare healthy and delicious dishes with it. There is no need to rub meat with oil or butter for a tender and juicy roast because the circulating hot air perfectly browns and sears the outside of the meat, sealing in the juices to preserve flavor and moisture. You can opt to let the fat drip onto a baking pan, placed under the wire rack in the oven, for a flavorful, delicious and satisfying meal minus the guilt.


  • It’s versatile. A turbo oven can bake, steam, broil, grill, roast, and even thaw frozen food.
  • It’s very easy to use. Just throw all your ingredients together in a baking pan (or a few sheets of foil), place it on the wire rack that comes with the oven, cover, switch it on, set the temperature and timer and voila! You can go on doing other things while the oven cooks your food.
  • It lets you save on time. Because it uses convection heat, it’s hotter and therefore cooks up to 50% faster than regular ovens so you can make more in a lot less time. It also requires no preheating so you can just go ahead, put your food in and relax.
  • It lets you save on space. Unlike oven ranges, turbo ovens are portable and can easily fit on a kitchen counter or table top. If you’re short on space, getting one would be a practical solution as you can cook practically anything with it.
  • It lets you save money. Turbo ovens are a practical and economic choice for your kitchen, requiring 80% less electricity than a conventional oven. Like I mentioned above, they can cook anything and they cost a fraction of what an oven range does. If you have a small family and don’t do heavy-duty cooking and baking, a turbo is definitely a smart choice.
  • It lets you cook healthy. Preparing food in a turbo, like chicken for example, doesn’t require extra fats or oils to guarantee that you’ll always end up with crispy, golden-brown skin and flavorful, juicy meat. The circulating hot air perfectly browns & sears the outside of meat and seals juices inside to preserve flavor and moisture.
  • It’s not hazardous to your health. Because the turbo oven doesn’t use the harsh radiant elements of a microwave or a conventional oven, heating is more gentle and more thorough and the flavor of your food is kept intact. Notice that when you cook with a microwave, heating is uneven – hot outside but cold in spots?
  • It keeps your kitchen clean and fresh. It’s smokeless, odorless and won’t heat up your kitchen.
  • It’s easy to clean up. I usually place the food on a baking pan or on a wire rack (with a baking pan beneath for catching drippings) so my food doesn’t actually touch the inside of the oven. After using, I just take the food out and then wipe the vessel clean with paper towels. That’s it!

Another Great Source of Easy Dinner Recipes

Dinner time can be very stressful for some people. Having to think about preparing dinner after a long day at the office or in school is difficult especially if all you want to do is east some good food, relax, and rest. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of eating out every night. The only solutions are easy dinner recipes that will help make preparing dinner hassle-free.

Tidingsmag.com is a great website that has a lot of very easy dinner recipes any tired person would be able to make. There is no need to spend a lot of time and effort just to eat good food for dinner because most of the recipes take only a few minutes to prepare. The website offers healthy recipes from all over the world so that you have numerous options to satisfy your palate. If you would like to go the extra mile, there are  cookie recipes, cake recipes, and other recipes for desserts available in the website.

So the next time you have just ended a long day at the office or in school, there is no need to heavily trudge yourself home. You could even be a kind soul and invite friends over because great tasting meals are at your fingertips with tidingsmag.com.

Why Eat Chicken?

The main purpose of meat in any diet is to provide a source of protein. However, many meat sources like pork and beef may also have high fat content. If you want a healthy diet  choose the meat carefully. One good meat source that you can include in your diet is chicken. Read on to find out more benefits to eating chicken.

  • Lean, high quality protein. This is the type of protein that chicken offers. There are numerous chicken recipes from tidingsmag.com that will help you concoct high protein dishes.
  • Niacin. Niacin is a B-vitamin that helps protect the body against cancer. Include a four-ounce serving of chicken in your recipes to fulfill around 72% of the daily niacin requirement of the body.
  • Selenium. An essential mineral required by many major metabolic pathways, Selenium can be found in good quantities in chicken.
  • Vitamin B6. This vitamin, which can also be found in good quantities in chicken, helps support the energy metabolism of the body.
  • Phosphorus. An essential mineral that can also be found in chicken meat, phosphorus helps maintain the health of teeth and bones. It also assists in the healthy functioning of the liver, the kidneys, and the central nervous system.

If you want to lower the fat in your chicken dish, go for the breast part of the chicken. This part is lower in fat than the chicken thigh. Also, if you want healthy recipes choose those for grilled chicken.

Free Wine Recipes from Tidingsmag.com

Wines are staple drinks in many occasions so it pays to know a lot of wine friendly recipes. Tidingsmag.com is the perfect resource for recipes that uses different kinds of wines. Among the recipes in the website that makes use of champagne
are Apple Spice Cake, Baked Quince, Cauliflower in Champagne Batter, Cranberry Tart, Scrambled Eggs with Salami and Onion, White Corn Tamales, and Whole Wheat Ginger Pancakes.

If you would like to have merlot wine, there are recipes for dishes that would go well with it like the Ancho Chili Rubbed Pork Tenderloin with Mango Salsa, Barbecued Lamb Italian-style, Basque Steamed Mussels, Black Widow Spider Buns, Crab Cioppino, Enchiladas, Grilled Flank Steak with Chili-Lime Marinade, and many more. If you are having white wine from napa valley, the website has recipes for Asian Tuna Cakes, Baked Cod with Panko Gremolata, Baked Eel, Belgian Endive with Tuna, Chicken Liver Terrine, and many more. They even have recipes of dishes that would go well with beer.

Another great thing about the website is their collection of numerous articles that every wine-lover would love to read. Anyone who wants to learn more about wines would find everything they need to know in Tidingsmag.com.

Asupara Bacon Maki

This is my favorite appetizer from Teriyaki Boy. We usually order two sets for our family of four :) It’s both healthy because of the green asparagus and yummy but bad for the tummy because of the bacon. We would not be needing a colon cleanser I think because we somehow balance it out. :)

I actually want to try this at home. I chanced upon this blog post and wonder if it will taste good with spam in it.

Here are the ingredients and steps:
belly bacon
baby asparagus
enoki mushooms
cooking oil for frying (very minimal if you use a non-stick pan)

Blanch the asparagus in boiling water for about 5 seconds. Drain. I suggest you put them in iced water after draining to refresh them.

Cut the root ends of the enoki mushrooms and blanch them in boiling water as well.

Cut the spam into strips about 1/2″x1/2″x3″.

Take a strip of Spam, a couple of asparagus and some enoki mushrooms and wrap them with a piece of bacon. Secure with a toothpick.

Heat a little cooking oil in a frying pan and fry the rolls, in batches if necessary, until the bacon is crisp and nicely browned. Serve at once.