My Second Apple.

It seems I might be getting an iPhone soon. While I find it a very cool, multi-tasking efficient gadget, it was never on my list of priorities. I just cannot bear the thought of parting with that much money so that I can do everything “at the palm of my hand”. But luck (and very good friend) was on my side when I was offered one at such a steal of a price that I cannot just say no, even if I didn’t have any budget. So surprise, by the end of next week, I’m going to have an iPhone!

I really do not know which iphone accessories I should need but a friend who has the gadget lamented how the battery has a very short shelf life, so I guess I would need an extra charger or car charger in my bag at all times. I am actually very excited about the apps I can install on it, primarily the eBooks/Kindle app so I can finally catch up on reading (at a cheaper price). Another friend advised me to install the WW (Weight Watcher’s) and Calorie Counting app because I am on a quest to monitor my intake of food.

Another friend will be giving me an iphone case in my favorite shade (pink!) too. Don’t you just agree that I have the nicest friends? I need a sturdy case for my kids, I am sure they will be busy playing games with it in no time too.

I see an iphone dock as something that I can use too. Friends who have iPhones have it and it serves as their clock, alarm when needed and music speaker all in one. I might just buy things one at a time, but having an iPhone is really making me excited :)



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