Portion Control

Source: prevention.com via Amy on Pinterest

Did you know that even if you eat healthy foods if you do not practice portion control, you can still end up gaining weight? It’s very simple, like computer security made easy!

I found an illustration at Pinterest that can guide us on how to take portions on kinds of food we usually eat. I will be practicing this immediately!

How Vegetables Fill You Up

This is the reason why you should eat more vegetables and try not to fill yourself up with empty calories – oily foods, soda, junk food and those foods that is so delicious to eat but make your hungrier after you eat them!

As you can see with the illustration, 400 calories vary depending on what type of food you take. This is very important when you are trying to lose weight. 400 calories of the good kind of food will not only help you feel full longer, it will be easier to burn the calories off too. 400 calories of chicken for example will make you hungry only a few hours after you eat it. Not to mention the oil, fat and bad kind of carbs you can get from the frying.

Just a friendly reminder now that it is the holidays!

Take Out Food vs. Home Cooked Meals

1. You get to save more when you cook meals from home.
2. Your family eats healthier food.
3. They get to eat more too, as you can see. Take out food can only take you that far with $20. That’s only for one eating. $20 of groceries can feed you for days.

While it is perfectly fine to indulge in eating out once in a while, I believe nothing gets better than staying home and eating homecooked meals! (I should learn how to cook!)