Lutong Bahay

How about some good old-fashioned home cooking? I have not been posting any home cooked meals lately – either we keep having the same meals or I always forget to take pictures of it. Thankfully, I have the iPhone to quickly snaps pictures of food lately.

Some yummy Pininyahang Manok:

We love having quail eggs, hotdogs and milk with this – so it’s a very creamy and yummy meal for the kids!

Nilagang baka:

The market ran out of beef so we had to settle for some buto-buto but it was the same :)

It’s going to be make-your-house-ready-for-Christmas day for us here! So I am going to be busy setting up our bookshelf speakers with Christmas songs while we put our tree up!

Eat It!

Here is a new series on my blog – the Eat It! series – meals I have cooked on my own. Hopefully I can add more soon. I have cooked korean beef stew – my son’s favorite, beef & mushroom and beef strips with oyster sauce, all thanks to Mama Sita’s  cookbook. I hope this is the start of my intgrest in cooking.

If I am not busy with learning the megameeting web conferencing software I am ordered at work I am busy looking at recipes and spices.


I Cooked!

I deserve one of those samsung lcd televisions as present to myself for cooking three times the past week when we had no maid!

It is a big feat for me considering I work full-time. (We were out, conveniently, four days of the week. Guess who initiated it?) But the better thing was they liked my cooking!

I cooked the following:
korean beef stew – their favorite
pork with mushroom and corn

I have pictures but I haven’t downloaded them from my camera yet. Next time!

Simple Birthday Celebration

This was the simple but delicious feast my Mom cooked up for her granddaughter’s birthday last weekend. I was busy preparing for the kiddie party and after finally signing up with insurance, we didn’t have much extra left to have it catered. My mom volunteered to just be the one to cook, and it ended up being more delicious than having it catered. It was done with love, that’s why!

Some Home-Cookin’ Loving

Among the things we enjoy this year is our new mattress and new cookware. Nothing beats having to sleep comfortably at night and being able to cook delicious meals without the fuss. I find it easier to motivate myself to cook, that’s for sure. It is about time I take out our dinnerware stocked in the cabinets for three years now.

Spot the Hidden Mickey:

Mac N Cheese for Lunch:

Bulalo Love (This was cooked by my mother-in-law though):

Noche Buena

Christmas time is always a time for catching up with family. So over talks about online business degrees, wedding plans, kids, reminiscing childhood memories and travel plans, we feasted on what my mother prepared for us – a feast of Pinoy and Italian/American dishes with lots of sweet treats. My kids loved the macaroni and chicken plus the chocolates and salad. I, meanwhile, just loved everything!

Christmas is truly my most favorite season of the year!

Yummy Homemade Food

We had a mini-family reunion with my mom’s side of the family. Her brother was home for a week on a business trip and my grandmothers hosted a simple get-together in their ancestral home. I had fun catching up with my cousin’s wedding plans, my aunt’s growing hobby of making jewelry that she bought jewelry making tools already and my uncle’s insurance company.

60th Party

My dad turned 60 this year and I am so happy to have been able to give him a little party. It was a rush decision since my mom kept changing her mind on whether to go out as a family or throw a party. In the end, around 200 guests came and they were all so happy with the food. We were able to sponsor a Catechism class for kids as well and I know my Dad is happy that he got to spend his day with us. My Mom is next, in a few weeks and I am already planning what to give her. It was better than earning all the trophies in my whole life, just seeing how happy and proud my parents were of us that night.