Eat It!

Here is a new series on my blog – the Eat It! series – meals I have cooked on my own. Hopefully I can add more soon. I have cooked korean beef stew – my son’s favorite, beef & mushroom and beef strips with oyster sauce, all thanks to Mama Sita’s  cookbook. I hope this is the start of my intgrest in cooking.

If I am not busy with learning the megameeting web conferencing software I am ordered at work I am busy looking at recipes and spices.



Bulalo, Garlic Mushrooms in Butter, Tapa, Crispy Dinuguan and Seafood Kare Kare at the Kanin Club.

These are all the yummy food we have consumed over the weekend bonding with family and relatives. I need a sport to be able to burn all the food I have been eating. My husband suggested we go swimming too, since even if he bought an suv bike rack for his bike and invited me to go biking, I would not be able to go. I don’t know how to ride a bike! :)

Choosing the Best Wine Glasses for Your Fine Wines

If you regularly entertain at home, it is advisable to invest on good dining ware. If you like to entertain friends over and love to talk over dinner and enjoy some wine afterwards, you would also need to invest on wine glasses.

You can get fine wines from It is wise to always have a pair of white and red wine in your wine cabinet or pantry, just in case your guests would have varying tastes. Wines also make a great gift idea! If you know someone who would love to get rare wine or a premier wine label, you can also get it from

A good rule of thumb to go by is to serve red wine in larger glasses, while champagne works better in more slender glasses.

Here is what I have learned, you serve the following wine in the corresponding wine glasses:
• Bold red wines – serve in goblet wine glasses
• Young or light white – serve in narrow mouthed glass
• Wood aged white wines – serve in slightly wider mouthed glass, but still narrow
• White wine – serve in tall stemmed hock glasses
• Champagne – serve in tall slender tulip glass

Make Your Marinade Work Harder

There are so many uses for a fine marinade that it seems almost inappropriate to task the ingredient with more. After all, you’ve already let your favorite dish soak in the marinade overnight. All that time, your marinade has been working hard to soak every morsel of the food with flavor. However, marinade can be used for much more, and this one ingredient can be served as a key factor in all your food preparation for a meal. Like debt consolidation for the culinary world, it combines a number of gruesome tasks into one easy part of your food preparation.

One of the more creative ways to extend the marinade after use is as a food topping. It can be used to top off rice or breads, and a sly cook may even find that their marinade is easily modified into a salad dressing. The only thing to be wary of here is the risks from raw meat. If you have marinated raw meat, make sure you heat the marinade to boiling for at least three minutes in order to get rid of any bacteria and avoid any E. coli contamination.

You can also use marinade to flavor other ingredients. Try throwing in vegetables such as Portabello mushrooms along with your main dish. You are almost sure to find yourself enamored with the results.

One of the best tricks also is to use a marinade to caramelize ingredients like onions. Simply tossing the marinade into the mix and cooking it until you have nothing but beautifully sugar-glazed and flavored onions will make you feel like an expert chef. Of course, this only works with certain marinades, such as those with a balsamic or water base, so be aware of your ingredients before you try this method.

Using Ink Refills for Printing Recipes

A friend whose family loves to cook recently had a big project within their family. Since they have so many recipes handed over from generation to generation, usually through word of mouth and walk-throughs (cooking together), they realized they need to compile them so they can maintain the authenticity of the recipes. Passing it over through word of mouth usually have the possibility of some instructions or ingredients altered, subtracted or added.


So they have been hard at work at them for months and now they have the compilation. They have decided to have the recipes with the corresponding pictures in PDF files and they will print them and distribute a copy to each family within their great maternal grandmother’s side. It posed a problem since they will be printing a lot of books and they will run out of ink and would need a lot of printer ink cartridges since they are printing everything in full and high color. Someone suggested that they use the empty printer cartridges and have them refilled. Or they can buy an ink refill set at and do it themselves with the empty printer cartridge. They can order them online, the site has ink for every brand and model of printer in the market at lower prices!

Hello February!

And just like that the first month of the year is officially done! While I still have to find that perfect cheap term life insurance plan for our family, I am excited for all the parties I am going to attend this month! I will also be celebrating my __th birthday a few weeks from now so I am happily contemplating which foods I want to indulge in :)