Considering Liposuction

I need to be honest. If I can have an easy way out of losing weight, I’d take it. I want a weight loss method that’s easy, fast, effective and long-lasting. It sounds like such a tall order, right? Especially when I want “easy” and “fast” with the way I want to lose weight. My friends and I were discussing our weight struggles and I told them that if I had the money (and I know the doctor/surgeon performing), I would do liposuction CT in a heartbeat. I come from a medical background so I know that it is 1) safe and 2) effective.

Liposuction isn’t as scary as it sounds or looks in the pictures you might have seen on the Internet. Based from what I am familiar with, the procedure takes less than a day (and the whole “liposuction” an hour or so). Of course you need to be prepared for surgery and then recover from it – that’s what makes it seem long. After all, it is a surgery – you need to be put under anesthesia.

What happens is the surgeon marks areas of fat where he will insert a cannula, a think sucking tube. When you are asleep, he inserts it just under the skin (in the layers of fat, literally) and he sucks the fat out using a vacuum attached to the other end of the cannula. When the fat gets sucked out, the cells or adipose tissues are destroyed. This is why liposuction centers claims that the results are permanent. When the tissues or cells holding fat are no longer there, where will the fat go and be deposited the next time you eat? There is a disclaimer though. If you had liposuction done on your tummy, for example, your tummy won’t get big anymore but fats might migrate to untreated sections like your arms or thighs. The key here is to make sure you moderate what you eat after the liposuction.

I have seen one who recovered from liposuction. She had gauze pads on incision sites with pressure wraps – she had one done in her upper arms. Recovery depends on you. Your incision sites will leak of fats, water and a bit blood but it is manageable and usually gone in less than a week. You need to have wraps for more than a week though to allow your skin to stick to your visceral linings again (Remember the layer of fat has been removed and destroyed).

If you want to take fat off your body instantly and permanently, the procedure is an option. Take note that most surgeons don’t do the liposuction unless you are about a certain percentage overweight first, so try to lose first before going under the knife.


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