I have never been a sporty person. My family are just into books, TV and dining out – total couch potatoes really. So it is quite a blessing I married a man who is very active in sports. Edil is good at every field of sport he chose to learn. But it is basketball that remains to be his first love. Up to now, he wants me (and now his kids) to be present whenever he plays basketball in tournaments he joins in. For the next three months, our Saturdays will be booked in the afternoons for basketball games. The Parents’ Association in Matthew’s school has launched a parents’ basketball tournament that will run until early February next year in time for the Foundation Day. And we have made time for it, even making it special. It is an added bonus that Edil’s team has never lost a game until now. Now, we are trying to get Matthew involved in sports too, as he has inherited my love for the couch :). We have tried involving him in basketball but he prefers swimming and taek wan do. We might enroll him in a class if ever we find out. Baseball is another sport he was interested to try after seeing it played in a movie (High School Musical 2 it is I think). Baseball Equipment are hard to find here, I must go check it out first.

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