With the numerous things that can now be found and done on the Internet, it is necessary for every wine connoisseur to know where to go online for high quality Italian wines. There is no need to search high and low for such a site because is the perfect site to go to. offers a wide selection of high quality wines directly imported from the best wineries in Italy such as Chianti, Super Tuscan, Barbaresco, and Barolo, among others. Although their specialty is still Italian wines, you can also find some wines from California, France, New Zealand, and Argentina in their products. Buying wines can be tricky because finding those with high quality requires a lot of know-how and experience. But whether you are a novice wine drinker or consider yourself more of an expert, you are assured of getting only the best wines from

The site is simple yet very classy. The images flashed on the home page evoke the richness and pleasures that wines are often associated with. You can easily get a good overview of the wine offerings of the website from the left sidebar where you can choose to browse by wine types or by region. Additional navigation links can also be found below the header making it easier for you to view the site’s offerings by wineries and to view the platinum collection, case samplers, and specials.

You will also appreciate viewing the page for each wine because of the in-depth product details that are included such as information about the vineyard, when the wine was harvested, its harvesting method, how it was made, its ageing potential, suggested food pairings, the type of grapes, and its tastes and characteristics. Even if you are the type who prefer to see, smell, and taste the wine before buying, provides a close enough experience that will make you want to buy a bottle or two.


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