Monavie, Creating Healthy Juice Drinks

Nowadays with all the different disease that is plaguing mankind, we would really stop to ask ourselves if there is something with what we are eating that cause these diseases like the deadly and the traitor, Cancer.

That is why more and more people are starting to be conscious with what they eat and are now starting to live a healthy lifestyle. No wonder Monavie, a multi-level marketing company, is making it big and is named 18th out of the 500 fastest growing companies. From its humble beginnings in 2005, the company grew and is now part of the top companies who has reached $1 billion in annual sales.

Their secret is their Monavie acai berry juice, which is made from the Brazilian purple berry, the acai fruit. The Monavie juice drinks is made from the acai fruit plus 18 other fruits and vegetables that is beneficial to our body.

Some call this healthy juice drink as a miracle drink. It created hype and it was a popular health supplement for celebrities and athletes and you can see it being featured in the different news and TV shows.

So what is in this drink that made it as a popular health supplement? Why don’t we take a look at the benefits of acai berry, the fruit from which Monavie health drink is made of:

1.     All of the healthy juice drinks of Monavie contain antioxidants which serve as the protection of our body from all harmful toxins and less toxins means a healthy body.

2.     They say that acai berry drinks will replenish a person’s energy levels after taking it for a period of time. This is a very important benefit as higher energy levels mean more productivity for the person taking it.

Imagine you have renewed energy levels that make you more productive at work. This will make your boss happier, thus giving you plus points, career wise.

If you have higher energy levels, you will have added energy so you can spend more time with your family. Have you ever feel tired from all the days’ work that the last thing you wanted to do was just to sleep and rest as soon as you reach home? But if you feel rejuvenated, then you can spend more quality time with your kids and your family which will enrich your personal and family life.

3.     Acai Berry is also said to delay the ageing effects on your skin and of course all of us would always want to look and feel young looking, right?

4.     Acai Berry is also said to aid in losing weight. This is a very good option to try for those who want to shed off those excess fats as this is safe as it is made from all natural ingredients of just fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables is already naturally good for us so losing weight in the process is just an added benefit that one can get from drinking acai berry juice.

5.     Research has also proven that acai berry can lower the bad cholesterols in our body and we all know that bad cholesterol is bad for our heart. So lower bad cholesterol means lower risk for heart related conditions such as heart attack, stroke and even high blood pressure.

These are just some of the outstanding benefits that one can get from drinking any of the healthy drinks of Monavie. Check out their website now by clicking this link: so you can start getting the benefits that thousands of people are now experiencing from drinking the healthy juices created by Monavie.


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