Linens & More

I have a linens obsession lately. I have been looking at different bed linens from duvets, coverlets, shams, fitted sheets and pillow cases for weeks now it is making me crazy. I say crazy mainly because we really do not have the budget to buy new sheets. Moreso, it is really quite impractical since we just bought new sheets last year and we can just wait from the yearly Black Friday sale to be able to get some nice sheets at more than half off their prices.

Speaking of sales, I have also been looking at towels online. As early as now, I am trying to decide which would be on our priority list for the Black Friday Sale. Yes, I am planning early! It’s going to be September next week and I would like to save as much as I can so that I would not have that much debt come the holidays! Years of shopping has made me wiser (I hope so!)!


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