Managing Sleep Apnea

Sleep is extremely important for one’s well being. The body needs to recharge itself after a long day at work and sleep is the only thing that can regenerate the body and restore it to its usual and fighting form for the next day.

This is the reason why sleep apnea is a serious problem.  Sleep apnea is a sleeping problem where an individual breathes shallowly when he sleeps or has one or more pauses in his breathing. More often than not, the pauses last from a few seconds to a minute or two. Also, it can happen for 30 minutes or more.
There is hope though. You can manage sleep apnea by doing these simple steps:
1. Proper eating and food choices. Most sleeping problems are traced to weight issues and it comes as no surprise that most overweight people suffer from sleep apnea.
2. Use anti-snoring devices. Consult your doctor before buying one.
3. Have a healthier lifestyle.

This should not be taken lightly. Your partner should be able to tell you if you snore or have lapses on breathing when you sleep. If you are, have yourself checked and treated. There are also associations like the American Sleep Apnea Association that can help you learn more about your problem, refer you to support and treatment.


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