Tips for Choosing a Good Home and After Hours Medical Service

Leopold-110401-TS-05_475Are you feeling unwell? The medical clinic closed its doors hours ago and you’re feeling too sick to move, let alone Google 24 hour chemists. Mobile Doctors or After Hours Medical Services are picking up momentum, providing a bed-side service in the comfort of your own home. Get the treatment you need without the hassle of arranging transport, braving the public commute and flicking through magazines in a waiting room, watching everybody else and their germs.

What is an After Hours Medical Service (AHMS)?

After Hours Medical Services are comprised of dedicated doctors, providing treatment to ailing patients too sick to leave their homes or responding to pressing medical changes. Don’t worry, AFHMS doctors are qualified and experienced, working in clinic and private practices by day. They have the authority to prescribe medication for urgent medical circumstances, eliminating the suffering of their patients and providing peace of mind without the wait. Be aware however, a doctor will only medicate a patient for emergency situations and those that can wait until 9-6 trading hours.

What Do You Need?

AHMS are mainly dedicated to those stressful and pressing conditions which cannot wait until the next day; consider the symptoms you or your loved one is suffering, is it a pre-natal emergency? A psychological reaction or adverse revelation? Would you feel more comfortable with someone who can offer specific cultural sensitivity, such as Aboriginal health services? Before making your booking, assess the situation objectively and factor in what you need from your doctor.

Get Educated Now

We carry a list of numbers with us for security and contact reasons; we all know the number for emergency services like fire, police and ambulance from a young age. It is better to be forearmed than flocking around, looking for a number and solution when unwell, injured or upset. A basic Google search will reveal AHMS providers in your area; you may love your regular doctor, but they may not deliver this essential service. Check with a trust pharmacist for reliable recommendations, ask family and prepare an action plan, just in case.

Fees, Times & Details

We all hate waiting at the best of times, it can be particularly torturous in a sleepless, strung-out and ill state. Remember, your doctor must travel safely between locations and patients, influencing treatment times. When booking, ask for an estimated time of arrival and the exact treatment fee; nasty monetary surprises later on will only further irritate a stressful situation! After Hours Medical Services are a convenient, patient orientated solution outside regular trading hours, perfectly tailored to remote, immobile or seriously ill patients. With a little research and preparation, you will be ready to engage an AHMS doctor for sudden appointments. Always remember, if you are in a life threatening situation or are experiencing a medical emergency, call 000. Your life is in the best hands, managed by hospital professionals and the variety of resources available.


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