I promised myself when I hit my half goal I would buy an amethyst ring or a pearl or bracelet. (February is my birth month. I wonder if there are specific birthstone rings for mothers.)

My last post about my weight loss was last February.

So I am down 13 lbs since January.
That averages roughly 4lbs a month.
(I haven’t weighed in this month yet).

I am actually doing well with my physical goal: EXERCISE. I need help curbing cravings and choosing healthier food. I find that if I track food religiously in MyFitnessPal, I still go over my 1,400 calories/day requirement even if I exercise for 30-40minutes. That’s saying something.

If I can avoid colored drinks and rice this month I think I can do this.
I want to hit the 20lb mark this month. I still have two weeks to go.


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