Relaxing After a Day’s Work

Electronic Massage Chair

Electronic Massage Chair

My dad was given an electronic massage chair very similar to the one pictured above. I don’t forget to give it a run everytime I visit. It has buttons for different types of massages: swedish, kneading, tapping, rolling, therapy. You can even adjust it depending on the intensity you like – low, medium, high. It has worked wonderfully for me whenever I’d like to have some sort of relaxation after a day’s work – it never fails to put me to sleep!

Nothing beats a real massage à Montréal et massothérapie done by a certified masseuse though. It’s been three months since I treated myself to a good
massage montréal home service. My favorite masseuse knows my pressure points and my weak points so she knows how to get rid of all the aches and pains in my body, especially the stress balls in my back and arms and relieves the lower back pain plaguing me all the time. I have a tendency to bloat and have “cold” air in my body, so after every session I feel very “inflated” and light.

It’s a new year and after a long happy but tiring and sometimes stressful holiday season, I think we deserve a break. A massage needs to be scheduled, ASAP!


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