Get Out & Dance: Why Concerts Help With Circulation and Depression

With benefits like self-expression, burning calories and boosting your mood, dancing is a positive whole-body experience. Where better to get your groove on than at a concert?

Burn Calories and Ramp Up Your Metabolism

Dancing is an effective aerobic exercise to burn off all those extra cheeseburgers, and it brings a little fun into what can be an otherwise mundane workout. In fact, dancing is so popular as a means of burning calories there are numerous fitness DVDs and applications for game consoles based on dancing as a workout. Dancing at concerts can tone your muscles, improve your balance and even boost brain health. Aerobic exercise is the best kind of exercise for burning fat.

Maybe you’ve heard of that little show, Dancing with the Stars? Even if you’ve never watched, you’ve likely heard about the massive amounts of weight celebrities lose on the show. Kirstie Alley, for instance, lost an astonishing 38 inches during two and a half months of filming during her first stint on the show. Clearly, there’s a fitness benefit to dancing.

Socialization for Improved Emotional Health


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It’s one thing to dance like wild alone in your living room, but concerts offer a whole new level of fun—with friends! Don’t be embarrassed to get your groove on in the crowd. Trust me, no one’s checking out your dance moves; they’re too worried about perfecting their own.

Concerts make a great night out with friends and family, offering an opportunity to let loose and relieve some stress. It’s better than spending the evening as a couch potato.

You Kinda Like the Music

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Let’s face it; you’re not going to shell out a few hundred bucks for Bruce Springsteen tickets if you don’t like his music. So assuming you’re going to see an artist you enjoy, the excitement will boost your adrenaline which is good for your heart.

The adrenaline rush motivates you to get up and move. All the while, your circulation is imporoving. All those cells in your legs, arms, feet and belly need energy to do all that moving around, so your heart picks up the pace to bring the necessary nutrients and oxygen to them. This is what makes dancing a useful and fun form of aerobic exercise.

Music Therapy: A Mood Booster

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Music is becoming a therapy tool thanks to its ability to give listeners a general feeling of well-being. Music is used therapeuticaly in senior living facilities to lift seniors’ spirits and sometimes in adolescent treatment settings to lift depression. Dancing releases endorphins, which are a natural mood enhancer.

Concerts allow the audience to feel the music in its truest form: Live. Combined with the excitement you’ll feel about the opportunity to see a favorite artist in person, the general positive vibes your favorite tunes always give you will be amplified.

If you needed a few additional reasons why it’s a good idea to check out your favorite band next time they’re in a town near you, look no further. Who can argue with an activity that makes you feel good, lifts your spirits and is good for your body and overall health?


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