Green Smoothies can Reverse Grey Hair

If this is true, then I should juice more!

They are great for weight loss, colon health and as an easy way to get more minerals and fresh foods into the diet. But an added bonus is that they’ve been known to reverse gray hair, naturally!

The Green Smoothie was actually “invented” in the 1970′s by Ann Wigmore, who went on to write many books on natural health and healing, including The Hippocrates Diet. She called the Green Smoothie her “energy soup.” Wigmore claimed that grey hair is linked to mineral deficiencies, and when the body is able to boost its mineral reserves, the natural color returns.

Here are some general tips to making your own Green Smoothies:

Blend 60% fruit to 40% greens in a blender.
Keep in mind that cucumber, tomato and bell peppers are fruits.
You can start to mix more fruits and greens as you become confident in your flavor combinations.
Add water and/or high-water content fruits first.
Then add greens, blend again.
Blend different fruits and greens every day.
Try different combinations and find what tastes best to you

Are you ready to try a Green Smoothie? Here’s a recipe to get you started:


2 bunches bok choy
1 handful arugula
2 oranges
1 mandarin
A few shavings fresh ginger (about a quarter inch)
Half tsp. blue green algae powder
Half tsp. chlorella powder
1 capsule probiotic powder
Half lime, squeezed
1 cup water


Carefully wash all greens and peel the oranges and mandarin.

In a blender, add the water, fruits, powders and fresh ginger and blend until smooth.

Add the greens and blend again.

Finally, open the probiotic capsule and add the powder to the smoothie, blending one last time until smooth.

Smoothie will keep for up to two days in the fridge, but is best if consumed immediately.


13 thoughts on “Green Smoothies can Reverse Grey Hair

  1. wow is this true? i don’t like the taste of arugula though, i hope the oranges and the madarin will overpower the taste of the arugula. a must try! tfs!

  2. Wow, I think I need to try this out since I am starting to have those grey hair na. :) Anyway, there’s nothing to lose since green smoothies have other health benefits. TFS Aggie!

  3. wow, this is a good idea.. I never thought that gray hair can still be revert back to its natural (black) color, just need to find those ingredients, are they available here, the powder I mean :)

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