Juicing Recipes

Have you ever tried juicing?
I am a firm believer and advocate of it and if I can do it again, I certainly would. Time and money aren’t on my side though but I am planning to give myself a detox soon. I did a three-day detox before and it helped me get rid of cravings for sweets, caffeine and white rice.

I dropped 12lbs in a month just by dieting. And I want to do it again – many people noticed my skin glowed and I just really look healthier!

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23 thoughts on “Juicing Recipes

  1. WOw!!Oh really..so effective..I have already heard about lemons..lemons was really effective to whitens your underarm ,teeth and especially your skin..by mixing baking soda..have you try it..

  2. i tried juicing in the past but it’s not for me. i need something solid although it would be good to do a cleanse once in awhile.

  3. i’m trying to lose weight too until January so perhaps i might give this a try. question: how does it taste like?? i’m really curious!

  4. I’ve been planning to do cleansing using fruits and fruit juice, though until now hadn’t even started yet..hope to make it soon.. :)

  5. it’s good to change our lifestyle for the better by eating healthy food but sometimes we don’t have the budget to buy the good stuff and we ended up buying those unhealthy and easy fix food. :( i’ve tried juicers though

  6. When my daughter was six months old, we try to buy food while we were in the Philippines, found out she has the hives :-( The only thing she can drink is the juice from the apple. Thank you for my eldest sister for juicing :-)

  7. Hmmm, I heard a lot that juicing is really effective, I might as well try this but first I have to consult my physician and thanks for the tips. :)

  8. Yes I heard it from a friend both husband & wife doing this one but when they stop juicing they gain weight again…Hubby’s diet you will not gain unless you will not eat to much hehhhee…

  9. Juicing fruits and vegetables are really good for the body.If you want to get slim,this would be number one in the list.

  10. I agree that this is really effective in losing weight and detoxifying the body. My husband did the fruits and veggies diet and it did worked.

  11. Each combination look and sounds really healthy but I wonder how I could digest the taste of all mixes except the citrus delight. Parang di ko lubos maisip yung lasa, hahaha.

  12. Thanks for sharing this. Will visit the Pinterest link so I can pin it in my folders. I like citrus delights the most. But I’m willing to try the rest of these healthy juices.

  13. I love freshly shakes and juice and smoothies, but I have never actually tried making it myself. :P I’m going to try out that Morning energizer recipe because I always feel sluggish in the morning and often need 2 mugs of coffee to be able to wake up. :P Also want to try Citrus delights. :)

  14. Yes, I have tried juicing and love it so much. We used to have the Jack Lalanne juicer and one summer I was juicing up some pears from our pear tree and the juicer just broke. Oh dear! I was sure sad and now missing some really fresh fruit and vegetable juice. I love mixing veggies and fruits together. So healthy and delicious. The only thing that my little one drinks.

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