Gourmet Chocolate Gift Baskets From KronChocolatier.com

Some of the gourmet chocolate gift baskets from KronChocolatiers.com.

Chocolates are well-loved by everyone. From young little kids to older people, chocolates are common favorites and it acts as a mild anti-depressant because it increases serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain. This is the reason why people often feel good after eating chocolates.

Because of the popularity and appeal of chocolates to a lot of people, it is not surprising that chocolates are also often given as gifts even as , especially since it is always a most welcome item to receive. KronChocolatier.com is the perfect place to get and . Whether you are looking for an excellent gift or something delectable to satisfy your chocolate cravings, you will find all your chocolate needs from KronChocolatier.com. Below are some of the yummy products you will find at KronChocolatier.com.

  • Assorted Gift Boxes. When you need a gift for any occasion, any one of the items from the selection of assorted gift boxes will surely be more than enough. KronChocolatier.com offers their Chocolate Signature Selection Gift Box in 0.5 lb or 1 lb. You can also choose from the 16-piece or 25-piece Assorted Chocolate Gift Boxes. And lastly, truffle lovers will find the Truffle Assortment box very tempting.
  • Budapest Crème Truffles. A KronChocolatier.com product that you will be hard to find anywhere else, the Budapest Crème Truffles are available in 0.5 lb box or 1 lb box. All the truffles inside the box are handmade, hand-cut, and come in various flavors such as dark chocolate, cream, and butter and cocoa.
  • Edible Chocolate Baskets. Put an additional twist to your chocolate gift basket with the edible chocolate baskets from KronChocolatier.com. The recipient of your gift will surely be pleasantly surprised to find out that the baskets are handmade from chocolate! Aside from the delicious chocolate basket, it is filled to overflowing with a variety of fine chocolates from KronChocolatier.com.
  • Chocolate Novelty Items. If you want to give chocolates with a touch of originality, why not give any of the chocolate novelty items from KronChocolatier.com? These are pure, premium chocolates hand molded into various items such as a cell phone, a champagne bottle, a computer, golf balls, a rotary telephone, and a tennis racket.
  • Chocolate Covered Popcorn. For those who want to go beyond giving chocolates, KronChocolatier.com also offers chocolate covered popcorn. Available in containers of various sizes, the popcorn are hand mixed using the finest milk, dark, and white chocolate.
  • Seasonal Gift Boxes. If you prefer to have the chocolates inside a box instead of a basket, KronChocolatier.com also offers seasonal gift boxes which are filled with signature Kron chocolates. These boxes are ready to be given as gifts and you can choose the color of the ribbon you want to be used to tie the box.

13 thoughts on “Gourmet Chocolate Gift Baskets From KronChocolatier.com

  1. I love chocolates and I’ve never received a chocolate gift basket and it would be nice to receive something so delicious and pretty just like the ones in the picture. I hope my husband can read this post too hehehe… (:

  2. Ahhhh.. chocolates! I’m drooling right and wishing that I can munch some right now while surfing the net. Thanks for leading me to KRONCHOCOLATIERS where I can also purchase and chocolate gift basket that I can give as gifts to friends and relatives.

  3. I have a sweet tooth so I’m extremely over the moon whenever I receive gourmet chocolate gift baskets. I checked out KronChocolatiers.com and thanks to you, I’m drooling now.

  4. I have a sweet tooth so I’m extremely over the moon whenever I receive gourmet chocolate gift baskets. I checked out KronChocolatiers.com and thanks to you, I’m drooling now.

  5. I have always loved chocolates especially the dark variety even though they give me migraines. In fact I just finished eating a few pieces minutes ago. But that does not stop me from drooling over the gourmet chocolate gift baskets you shared here! Piece of heaven on earth indeed! :)

  6. A huge chocolate gift basket would be perfect for my cranky and stressed mood at the moment. But then again, I am trying to cut down on my sweets but this girl needs some cheering up hee hee.

  7. My nephew will be celebrating his 7th birthday next week and we are thinking of giving him a chocolate gift basket. It was perfect timing as I read your post now about chocolates I will check out KronChocolatier.com for more other gift products as well.

  8. I’m a chocoholic and it runs in the family too that’s why it’s always a welcome to receive chocolate gift basket every now and then from my sister-in-law who lives in Trent G.B. Well seeing chocolate molded computer and cell phone from Kronchocolatiers made my kids want to order for novelty items. It will be perfect not just for us but for gift ideas too.

  9. For the upcoming Mother’s Day, I am wishing for a chocolate gift basket instead of flowers. Methinks that I should forward this post to the husband to give an idea about this wish!

  10. I will be celebrating my birthday soon and a friend asked me what I wanted to receive, since I can’t think of anything, I told her I would love to receive a chocolate gift basket because I just can’t live without chocolates!

  11. I am not a huge eater of chocolates that I could survive a week or two without it. However, should somebody give me a chocolate gift basket, I would gladly accept it!

  12. My sister-in-law who has a sweet tooth like me will be celebrating her birthday soon and I can’t think of the perfect gift for her. Thanks for sharing this information about kronchocolatier.com as it gave me an idea to get gourmet chocolate gift baskets as our birthday gift for my sister-in-law.

  13. Thanks for this very timely post. I’m looking for the perfect gift for my co volunteers. The chocolate gift basket would surely be a hit to everyone! Everybody loves chocolates !

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