5 Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas

Due to the nature of my work, I burn the midnight oil all the time. Before we had help around the house, it was always a race against every morning making sure the kids are ready before the bus arrives and most importantly, have eaten. They sure get tired of eating the same thing again and again like oatmeal and cereals so I am thankful I chanced upon these suggestions:

1. Pancakes. If you’re making pancakes on a Saturday or Sunday, make extra. Lay several on a cookie sheet, slide it into the freezer until they’re firm, then pile into a freezer bag. You can pull two or three out on a crazy morning and microwave them in 10 seconds. Better yet, put them in the toaster.

2. Avocado Toast. So healthy! So easy! I rarely even mash the avocado in a bowl first, which means one less dish to clean. Just smush it down on a piece of toasted bread and sprinkle a bit of salt. Call it guacamole if necessary. Here’s our basic “recipe.”

3. Hard-Boiled Eggs. Not that they take a ton of time, but if you make a few on a Sunday night, you only have to peel them in the morning, and that takes what, 20 seconds? You can slice one onto toast, although I recommend letting a toddler bite into a whole one. The slipperiness of it is fun, and somehow finding the yolk is a surprise every time.

4. Banana Slices with Peanut Butter. Lay out banana slices and top each with a little dab of peanut butter. Protein-packed, sweet, and quick. For an older kid, you can use the slices to make the first letter of his name.

5. Toast with Cream Cheese and Jelly. Most kids like toast with jelly, but jelly alone doesn’t offer a ton of nutritional benefits. Cream cheese and jelly is an underrated combo, and the cream cheese adds a little protein and calcium. You can swirl it if you have time.

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