Enrolling in Fitness Gyms

My husband and I are looking for a gym we can enroll in for a few months. We want to jumpstart on our journey to better health (and me losing weight) that the husband advised me to jump the gun and bite the bullet – enroll in a gym. Nothing beats gym equipment and the motivation when working out in a gym, he says. I can treat it like going to the office — and being fit is “work”.

Most gym memberships are on an auto renewal subscription on credit cards. It’s a good thing we were able to finally get rid of credit card debt and regain our good credit score so we would not need rmcn credit services to repair ours. We can finally use our card to enroll in a gym!

My goal is 5lbs a month – in a year that will automatically be 60lbs! Consistency and perserverance is the key.


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