Coffee makers complete my Day!

Coffee makers complete my Day!

….or should I say, freshly brewed coffee perks me up everyday thanks to the coffee maker for the home? There are nights that I would need to work until the wee hours in the morning that I end up very sleepy. I won’t have energy to help the kids prepare for school. I tried drinking instant coffee but my body seemed to get used to it that I no longer get affected with that kind of caffeine. So every day I would long for a freshly brewed coffee from the coffee brewers. Since using the usual coffee brewers takes so much time, there are days that I would rather not make a cup of coffee anymore. I guess I’m too busy for that. So imagine my luck when my friend suggested I check out They are offering coffee makers that are easy to use. The machine would do all the brewing! got all the details that you need in brewing your coffee. They have an interactive product demos available. They have trips & tricks in how to make the best coffee. They even made a blog with a series of posts about experiences of newbies and experts of their coffee brewers. Such a very interesting website!

Did you know that there is also such a thing as a brew chart? said that if you brew your coffee at home, this helpful grind chart helps you check to make sure your coffee is ready for brewing. For your BUNN brewer, you should be using coffee that falls into 3-4 minute categories in the chart. I never thought there is a chart specifically for brewing coffee. Thanks to, I’ve discovered all of these today.
Now, I should talk to the Husband and see if he agrees in getting one coffee maker for the home. I really hope and pray he does!


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