Fitness Update v.2

March 6-12, 2011

It was a bad week for me – food-wise.

My fitness coach aka The Slavedriver made me jog on track last Monday and it was the start of a bad week. My knees and leg bones hurt so much I pretty much wasn’t able to exercise the rest of the week. It took my dad, who is a doctor, for him to believe that at my current weight, I CANNOT run nor jog. My bones simply cannot support all my weight. Take that, I knew I was not just giving any reason!

Except for Ash Wednesday, which I fasted for, I pretty much ate anything the whole week.

The only upside to last week was that I had started to like the habit of eating cereals during breakfast. It has done me great to keep the cravings at bay and to regularize my bowel movement.

For this week I am challenging myself to start drinking water exclusively, no juices nor tea, and finally change our sofa’s upholstery fabric. :)


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